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Which types can I choose from?

Conventional light sources

Conventional light sources are light bulbs that use several types of technology to generate light. The most common types of conventional lighting are the well-known incandescent bulbs, halogen bulbs and compact fluorescent light (CFL). These technologies are less energy efficient than LED.

LED light sources

LED means light-emitting diode and is a modern type of technology to generate light. These light bulbs do not get hot, whereas incadescent light bulbs do, and therefore, they are more energy-efficient and sustainable.

LED lights mostly have conventional fittings, making it easier to install the bulb in your current fixture.

light sourceslight sources

Why should I choose LED?

By switching from conventional light sources to LED lighting, you save a lot on your energy bill, sometimes up to 90%! In addition, energy-efficient LED sources have a longer lifespan of at least 15,000 hours, so you can replace them less frequently. And LED is also better for the environment. It does not contain any toxic substances and you can hand in LED light sources to be recycled. In this way you contribute to a greener future by switching to LED. If you still have questions or would like advice from our expert, then please click on the button below.

Phasing out conventional light sources

Due to European regulations, more and more conventional light sources are being phased out. Since 2021, the following light sources have been phased out: fluorescent tubes, CFL lights and halogen capsule bulbs. This means that these light sources are not allowed to be produced anymore. However, shops may still sell their current stock. As a result, these conventional light sources will eventually no longer be available. As more and more conventional light sources will eventually be phased out, this is the perfect opportunity to switch to LED lighting.

Would you like to know more about this? Then read more on our page about phased out conventional light sources.

LED light sourcesLED light sources