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LED Outdoor Lighting

LED Outdoor lighting is essential for outdoor safety. Lighting makes sure you see your driveway when you come home in the evening. Sensor lighting scares away burglars at night. Garden lighting makes sure you see your step when enjoying an evening outside. But besides safety, LED outdoor lighting also has an aesthetic function. For example to light up architecture or garden ornaments. You can find the perfect light source by setting the filters on the left to your preferences. Choose the right color, size, beam angle or sensor and order your new LED outdoor lighting.
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What are the advantages of LED outdoor lighting?

LED technology is already widely used indoors today. Why not also in the outdoors? In these outdoor places, you can benefit from several advantages that LED outdoor lighting brings:

  • Due to the high efficiency of LED, you save up to 90% in electricity and thus energy costs.
  • LED outdoor lighting has an extremely long lifetime of up to 70,000 hours. That is much longer than conventional outdoor lighting.
  • LED lighting is virtually maintenance-free.
  • You have often earned back the purchase price of LED lighting within a year.
  • LED lamps do not contain any substances that are harmful to the environment.
  • LED lighting is durable and efficient.
  • As a company, you can in some cases benefit from government subsidies when you switch to LED outdoor lighting.


What should I pay attention to when buying LED outdoor lighting?

There are a number of things to consider in advance. First of all, make sure you check what type of outdoor lighting you already have. Is it a complete fixture that needs to be replaced? Or can only the light source be replaced in the existing fitting? Once you know this, you can start looking for the right LED replacement. This could be a LED waterproof fixture or a waterproof LED wall lamp, but also a separate E27 LED lamp or a GU10 LED spotlight. It is also important to find out what wattage and color temperature your current lighting has. This way, you can focus your search for the most suitable LED lamps and/or fixtures.


Which LED outdoor lighting is suitable for my garden?

There are many ways to put your garden in the right LED light. For example, you can use LED solar lighting to frame a pond, as well as the path to the gazebo. If, on the other hand, you want to illuminate individual plants, shrubs, trees or sculptures, we recommend the use of waterproof LED recessed spotlights that can be used as outdoor ground spots. Depending on the size of the object, LED wide-angle floodlights may also be suitable.


Which LED outdoor lighting is suitable for my terrace or balcony?

The light on the terrace or balcony should not only illuminate the room but also contribute to a cozy atmosphere. Therefore, attention should be paid not only to the right shape of the fixture but also to the right color temperature, such as warm white (3000 Kelvin). LED ceiling lights are ideal for outdoor areas such as balconies and terraces. If desired, you can also use LED solar lights, which are particularly energy-efficient.


Which LED outdoor lighting is suitable for a flat?

Light sources at the entrance of the flat fulfill several functions: they provide security and deter burglars. The right luminaire must serve both purposes. An LED wall light is a suitable solution for this. It can be easily installed next to a front door. If you have an awning, you can also use an LED ceiling light. To ensure that not only the entrance is lit, but also the path leading to it, we recommend surrounding it with bulb lighting. If you have a garage or carport, an LED wide beam is the right choice. With a mix of different LED Floodlights, which you can find in our assortment, you can optimally light the entrance to your flat. Want to know more? Then read our blog: What is the best light for in an apartment building?


Which color temperature is suitable for LED outdoor lighting?

Thanks to modern LED technology, you can buy outdoor lighting in all possible color temperatures. Below, we show you the differences between the individual light colors and where they can best be used.

  • 2300 to 2700 Kelvin - extra warm white: LED outdoor luminaires with an extra warm white color temperature to create a particularly cozy and relaxing atmosphere. We, therefore, recommend products with 2,300 to 2,700 K for lounge or wellness areas, for example.
  • 3000 Kelvin - warm white: Warm white light also creates an inviting atmosphere. However, this light colour is more suitable for everyday use and is particularly popular for the terrace or balcony.
  • 4000 to 5700 Kelvin - cool white: cool white color temperature is mainly found in LED outdoor lighting that is used to illuminate paths or entrances. The neutral light color helps you find your way and shows where you need to go.
  • 6500 Kelvin - daylight white A color temperature of 6500 Kelvin is very close to natural daylight. Therefore, this light color is often used for illumination to protect against burglary. The bright light deters uninvited guests, whether they are people or animals.


What IP protection class does my LED outdoor lighting need?

LED outdoor lights have to be able to do one thing above all else: be weather-resistant. Rain, snow, hail or storms should not damage the fixture. We recommend using LED outdoor lights with at least an IP44 value (splash proof) if they are installed under a roof or carport. On the other hand, you can choose waterproof LED outdoor lights with an IP65 value or higher. Here, the difference lies in the second digit, which indicates the degree of protection against water. Your choice may depend on the average weather conditions and external circumstances, such as the place where the lamp is to be installed. You can read all about the IP value in our blog.


What types of LED outdoor lighting are there?

At Any-Lamp, you will find LED outdoor lighting in various shapes and sizes. Some LED outdoor lamps in our range are tiltable, such as LED Recessed Spotlights. Whether you are looking for wall or ceiling-mounted luminaires, wide-area luminaires or bollard lights, you will always find the right outdoor lighting in our wide range. In addition to the wide variety of shapes, you can choose from numerous top brands such as Ledvance, Philips, Paulmann, or Steinel. Our tip: LED outdoor lighting from A-brand Noxion is durable, of high quality, and always competitively priced. The emphasis with our LED outdoor lighting is on sturdiness, reliability, and durability. LED outdoor lamps made of stainless steel are particularly popular. However, there are also models made of aluminum or polycarbonate.


Can I replace old outdoor lamps with LED outdoor lamps?

Yes, you can! Lampdirect has a suitable LED alternative for various conventional outdoor lamps. Would you like to replace your outdoor lamp with an LED? Then keep in mind that LED lamps usually have a higher light output, making the light brighter and more powerful than a conventional outdoor lamp. The big advantage is that LED outdoor lamps consume much less energy while delivering the same light performance. And that results in savings when it comes to energy and replacement costs.


Is there dimmable LED outdoor lighting?

Dimmable LED lamps are generally used indoors. With these products, it is possible to adjust the brightness individually and even change the color temperature, depending on the model. Meanwhile, there are also various dimmable LED outdoor lamps that are suitable for outdoor use and have the appropriate IP and IK protection classes. LED outdoor lights with such a dimming function can be found in our dimmable outdoor light category or via the filter menu on the left-hand side of this page. There you can see all dimmable LED lamps under the subheading 'dimmable'.


Are there LED outdoor lights with a motion detector or sensor?

Do you want to install an outdoor lamp in places that are not constantly used? Then LED outdoor lighting with a motion sensor is ideal. The light detects movement by means of a sensor and immediately emits light. This way, you can save extra on energy costs because the light is not on all the time. Would you like to buy LED outdoor lighting with a sensor? Then you will find suitable products in our LED Sensor Lighting category. Would you like to know more about LED lighting in combination with burglary safety? Read our blog: Which LED Sensor Lighting should I choose for burglary prevention and such.


Do LED outdoor lights have an emergency function?

Some of our products have a so-called emergency function. This ensures that in the event of a power failure, the light will continue to burn for a certain time thanks to a built-in battery. In our assortment, you will find LED outdoor lights with a 1 hour or 3-hour emergency function.


Which solar garden light should I choose?

Do you want to use the power of the sun? Then we have the perfect lighting for you! Solar outdoor lights do not need to be connected to the electricity grid, as they are charged by solar energy and can therefore shine for free. LED outdoor lights that work on solar energy can be found in our LED Solar Lighting category.

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