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LED Waterproof Fixtures

LED Waterproof Fixtures are specially made for environments that are exposed to moisture. Their level of protection against water is expressed through the IP rating. The first number relates to the level of protection against solid objects (including dust), while the second number relates to the level of protection against water. We have lots of LED Waterproof Fixtures to choose from. Use the filters to help you find the perfect product quickly and easily.
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What distinguishes waterproof fixtures?

waterproof fixtures can - as the name suggests - also provide light in damp environments without the weather conditions harming the light source. This is due to the level of protection. A lamp can only be called a waterproof fixture if it has at least protection class IP40 or 44. The higher the class, the more waterproof the product. You can find LED waterproof fixtures with IP40 to 66 with us. You can use the filter function to display corresponding fixtures.

Many different products have the properties of being waterproof. That is why there are different types of waterproof fixtures. For example, you will find ceiling and wall fixtures, highbays and bulkheads as well as floodlights that belong to the category of waterproof fixtures. Likewise, a large selection of brands awaits you in our online shop: Philips waterproof fixtures, as well as those from Noxion or Ledvance - we offer you only the best quality.


Why is it worth buying an LED waterproof fixture?

If you decide to buy an LED waterproof fixture, you can look forward to the following advantages:

    • thanks to high efficiency, you save up to 90 % electricity and thus energy costs when switching from a conventional waterproof fixture to an LED model


    • a very long service life of up to 70,000 hours guarantees you amortisation of the purchase price within a very short time


    • because of the modern LED technology, you will not incur any maintenance or replacement costs


    • You illuminate your damp room without mercury - LEDs do not contain any toxic substances and are therefore environmentally friendly, recyclable and sustainable


  • As a company, you can benefit from government subsidies when converting to LEDs - whether you want to equip your industrial hall or washrooms.


For which areas are waterproof fixtures suitable?

LED waterproof fixtures can be used individually due to their different shapes. In the following, we present the most popular areas of application and give you helpful tips on the ideal product selection.


Bathroom/Washroom: LED waterproof fixtures are ideal for bathroom lighting. They have the necessary IP protection classes and are available in different colour temperatures. No matter whether you want to transform your private bathroom into a wellness oasis or are looking for illuminants for a public restroom (e.g. in the airport or in a shopping mall) - with us you will find the right products for all wet rooms.


Basement: LED waterproof fixtures are also ideally suited as basement lamps. We recommend the colour temperature cool white (4,000 Kelvin) for this environment. This suits a wide variety of scenarios - regardless of whether you use your cellar as a workshop, hobby room or storage room. Damp room fixtures definitely withstand harsh conditions (cool temperatures, moisture and dust if necessary).

LED waterproof fixtures in a warehouse (iStock/RonFullHD)

Industry: Large industrial halls usually have no windows. Therefore, it is all the more important to provide the right light in this sector. With daylight-white LED waterproof fixtures, your employees get the right light for working. A daylight white colour temperature also provides the greatest contrast between colours. Work that requires concentration and vision can be performed all the better. You can find suitable fixtures in our product category "Industrial lighting".


Outdoor: In outdoor areas, LED waterproof fixtures are often used for decorative purposes, for example in the form of wall fixtures. If you want to use the fixtures to set accents - be it on the façade of your house or in the front garden, you can go for an (extra) warm white light colour. However, the colour temperature of the waterproof fixture should be cool white or daylight white if you want to use the light to chase away uninvited guests... You can find more products in our category "LED outdoor fixtures".



Are there waterproof fixtures with motion detectors?

LED waterproof fixtures with motion detectors are often used outdoors or in rooms that are not in constant use. With a sensor or motion detector, you can easily save money because the luminaire does not have to be permanently switched on - it reacts as soon as someone approaches it. You can find suitable products in our category "LED motion detector & sensor lights".



Is there a difference between tub lights & waterproof fixtures?

No, because a diffuser luminaire is a type of damp-proof luminaire. It consists of a robust plastic diffuser in which the light source and the lampholder are protected. LED diffuser fixtures therefore not only have a high IP protection class but also a high IK value. This means that the products are much more shock-resistant than classic LED ceiling lamps, for example.



Are waterproof fixtures dimmable?

Not all waterproof fixtures are dimmable. However, some models have a dimming function. With this, you can adjust the brightness to your liking. Are you looking for a dimmable waterproof fixture? You can use our filter function to display suitable products. Alternatively, you can visit our category page on the topic "dimmable LED waterproof fixtures".



Are there waterproof fixtures with emergency function?

If there is a power failure, waterproof fixtures with an emergency module continue to shine for a certain time (between 2 and 4 hours). Such an emergency function is particularly advantageous in industrial halls, where there is usually no daylight and employees could easily injure themselves in the event of a light failure. You can find suitable products using the filter function on this page or on our topic page "Emergency lighting".



Mounting LED waterproof fixtures

LED waterproof lighting from inside
Construction of a LED waterproof fixture

The installation of a damp-proof luminaire takes only a few steps. You do not need any previous knowledge. Since there are different types of waterproof fixtures, we show you the installation of an LED diffuser luminaire as an example below.


  1. Turn off the power and turn out the fuse.
  2. If you want to replace your conventional light with an LED tub light, disconnect the power cord and remove your previous lamp.
  3. Remove the cover from the new LED waterproof fixture.
  4. Carefully remove the aluminium support plate including the LED unit by pressing both retaining clip devices together and lifting off the aluminium strip. Be careful not to touch the LED modules.
  5. Assemble the PG gland. (The sealing cap including the sealing unit points outwards).
  6. Pass the EU mains cable through the opening of the PG gland and connect the connectors.
  7. Close the PG gland by turning the cap clockwise.
  8. Place the aluminium support plate with the LED unit back into the , the retaining clamps must engage.
  9. Place the protective cover congruently on the LED and close all 10 locking clips.

Now the assembly of your new LED moisture-proof lamp takes place:


  1. Mount the metal brackets to the ceiling.
  2. Clip the luminaire into the metal brackets.

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