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Want to know more about Philips Master LEDtubes InstantFit HF T5?

With the Master LEDtube InstantFit HF T5, Philips has introduced a new generation of T5 LED tubes and we would like to tell you more about them. These fluorescent tube replacements provide an extra energy-efficient lighting solution in demanding application areas, such as offices, schools and retail establishments. Below you can read why the Philips InstantFit HF T5 is so attractive in terms of performance.


Installation Philips LED Tube


What distinguishes the Philips T5 LED tube InstantFit?

This InstantFit T5 LED tube is specially designed to provide rooms with high light output at maximum efficiency, up to 155 lm/W, which is maintained throughout the entire life span of the light source. With 60,000 hours of use, this Philips InstantFit T5 LED tube lasts 2 to 3 times longer than your old fluorescent tube, which together with the high energy savings results in a short payback period for your investment. Moreover, this Master T5 LED tube is designed with optimized glass, which reduces the glare considerably. In combination with flicker-free light distribution, the InstantFit tube provides a comfortable light.

Another important feature of these Philips LED tubes is the retrofit design. This means that the T5 LED tube can be installed without further adjustments in your old T5 fixture with electronic ballast (HF: high frequency). In other words, the fastest and easiest way to switch to LED. After all, you do not need any new wiring for the Philips InstantFit and you do not have any struggle with drivers. The light source itself has an integrated driver and electronic pin protection, which enables you to place the Philips T5 LED tube easily and safely in the fixture.


Which different InstantFit tubes are there?

Philips distinguishes between the various T5 LED tubes by the designations ''Ultra Output (UO)'', ''High Efficiency (HE)'' and ''High Output (HO)''. Each of these tubes has its own unique characteristics, which are extremely useful in specific environments.


What characterises the Philips HE T5 LED tubes?

The HE T5 LED tubes are the most versatile in terms of light output: 1000 to 3000 lumens. Therefore, these light sources are not only useful as bright general lighting in offices, schools and health care (2800 - 3000 Lumen), but also as a ''softer'' general light in public spaces with lots of natural light (1000 - 2500 Lumen). The tubes that have a lower number of lumens also fit in lower positioned luminaires, for instance above a workbench.



Philips T5 Master LEDtube InstantFit - High Efficiency (HE)

  • 3000K - 4000K - 6500K
  • Dimmable with compatible ballast
  • 550mm - 1150mm - 1450mm

Where do HO T5 LED tubes fit well?

Working environments and general and/or public areas (canteens, car parks etc.), with a ceiling height of 2 to 2.5 metres, are perfect for lighting with the T5 LED tubes HO due to the light output of 3700 or 3900 lumens. Light colour tips! Warm white for general areas. Cool white for offices, schools, healthcare, industry, shops and such. Daylight white for workplaces with a lot of detail, such as laboratories, operating theatres, industry and such.



Philips T5 Master LEDtube InstantFit - High Output (HO)

  • 3000K - 4000K - 6500K
  • Dimmable with compatible ballast
  • 1150mm - 1450mm

When to choose Philips UO T5 LED tubes?

The Ultra Output T5 LED tubes emit a powerful light of 5200 to 5600 lumens. A standard workplace needs 500 Lux, which entails a 3500 to 4000 Lumen tube at a height of 2.5 metres. Therefore, you can use these Philips T5 tubes in areas with higher ceilings than 2.5 metres, such as warehouses and factories, or in areas in which a higher number of lux is advisable, such as technical drawing rooms or when performing industrial precision work (750 Lux).



Philips T5 Master LEDtube InstantFit - Ultra Output (UO)

  • 3000K - 4000K - 6500K
  • Very high light output
  • 1450mm

When you choose Philips InstantFit T5 LED tubes, you benefit from ...

Up to 55% energy savings!

High efficiency; maximum 155 lm/W!

Quick and easy installation!

Philips LED Tube

Tip: Installation of Mains Philips T5 LED tubes is possible without ballast!

Do you want to install a fluorescent fixture in your building? Or do you want to replace your fluorescent lighting with LED without having to take ballasts into account? Philips has various T5 LED tubes that work directly on mains current (Mains). You have the same options as with the InstantFit tubes: HE, HO and UO.