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Case: Cuypers Mode

From CDM-T to customised LED lighting!

A brief overview of the project

Someone who listens to her requests, that's what owner Nicole was looking for regarding her lighting project, after taking over the shop from her aunt. After all, the existing CDM-T lighting needed replacing, but the new sustainable LED solution had to fit in with the shop's concept: multibrandstore Cuypers in Nuenen.

After the first conversation, our colleague Tom immediately contacted Pim from Greenergize, specialist in retail lighting and our installation partner. And then the wheels started rolling ...

▰   What? Switch to LED
▰   Where? Shop and warehouse
▰   How? Mix basic- and focus light
▰   For what? Serenity and warmth

‘The frequent personal contact with Pim was the deciding factor. His quick responsiveness and ability to demonstrate many demo products ensured that I now have LEDs, that are fully compatible with my shop.’

What are the benefits for the customer?

‘Our customers arrive with a clear need and the final outfit choice should feel right. By testing with demo products how our clothes, as well as skin, appear in the light, we have received a lighting solution that creates tranquility in the ceiling and warmth in the shop. Moreover, all lighting was installed by Pim in 3.5 days, so the shop hardly needed to be closed. Only briefly during the carnival weekend, which worked out well for us. If we run into any problems, Pim is just a phone call away. Absolutely great!’

▰   The investment is returned in 46 months.
▰   A 49% reduced energy consumption from the start.
▰   Reduced costs offer room for a rebranding budget.

The result ...

  • The CDM-T spotlights, which were present in various light colours, were replaced by recessed LED spotlights with 930 LED chips as basic lighting.
  • Tiltable spotlights, with slightly whiter-looking 930 Fashion LED chips, provided bright accents in designated areas (e.g. mannequins with sets of clothes to be highlighted).
  • We fitted the already installed designer lighting with LED bulbs.

70% of all purchases are made in the fitting room!

  • Therefore, two spotlights (927) were placed in each fitting room: 300 mm from the mirror and shoulder-width apart. This creates the right interplay of shadows, a colour-accurate display of clothes and a flattering skin tone (not too pale).

Other choices in this lighting project:

  • Only white-coloured fixtures were used in the shop, creating a tranquil ceiling. This ensures that visitors have an immediate eye for the range (no distractions).
  • Various fixtures with build-in sensors were installed in the warehouse.

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