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Benefit from switching to LED!

LED bulbs and fixtures provide a significant energy saving of 70% on average. In addition, these durable light sources last for years, resulting in a reduction in maintenance and replacement costs. As a result, you benefit from a short payback period. Who would not want that!? However, LED has many more advantages that can positively influence your business premises, home, association, or other complex, namely:


No light nuisance - Employees or guests experience no light nuisance and/or complaints because LED is flicker-free. This makes it possible to work more efficiently or to use a space in a relaxed manner.


Choice of light color - LED bulbs and fixtures are available in various light colors or even with multiple color temperatures in one, which is ideal for creating an optimal living or working environment.


Clever DALI lighting - Thanks to the DALI system, you can group luminaires (zone lighting), after which you can set various functions, such as automatic switching on and off or a specific dimming position.


User-friendly - LED bulbs can 1-on-1 take the place of a conventional light source. This also applies to LED fixtures. In addition, LED bulbs and fixtures do not heat up when they are lit.

Switch to LED and help the environment

At Any-Lamp you not only benefit from a sustainable lighting solution, but you also contribute to guaranteeing a green and clean world. We support the Katingan Mentaya Project in Indonesia to offset our current CO² emissions. With this project we not only remove CO² from the air, but also improve access to education, basic services and the local infrastructure.


In addition various endangered species will be protected and a microfinance programme for local women's groups will be supported. By buying LED, you also contribute to this!

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The biggest misconceptions about LED lighting

More and more people are already benefiting from LED lighting. However, we noticed that there are many misunderstandings about LED lighting. To clear up your doubts, we sum up the most common misunderstandings for you:

Color rendering

Bad color rendering? No!

The color rendering of a LED bulb or fixture expresses how natural colors are displayed under light. The higher the CRI value, the less the color deviates from the actual color. LED nowadays is no longer inferior to halogen bulbs and almost always has a CRI of 80Ra or higher. That sometimes comes in handy. Read more...

Light colour

Cold chilly colors? No!

LED lighting can be used in many living and working environments, as it is available in the light colors very warm white (1800K - 2700K), warm white (3000K), cool white (4000K), and daylight white (6500K). 4000K is a neutral and popular light color that is suitable for offices, shops, and warehouses, among other things. Lighting in 1800K - 3000K is ideal for atmospheric lighting. Read more...


Do you need to replace the current fixture? No!

We offer 1-to-1 LED replacements for conventional fixtures. These feature plug-and-play mounting, so in most cases, no adjustments need to be made to your current fixture. So you can start saving straight away! You can also choose to replace your fixture with a sustainable LED integrated fixture. Read more...



LED too expensive? Not true!

Due to the long lifespan and low energy consumption, your investment in LED will quickly pay for itself. After all, you save an average of 70% on your energy costs. And because of the long life of LED, you have no costs for replacement and maintenance for a long time. Your business process will therefore not come to a standstill unnecessarily! Read more...

LED Dimmen

Flickering LED bulbs due to dimming? No!

Good to know is that LED lighting can only be dimmed with an LED dimmer. This is because LED uses a different technology than conventional light sources. Dimmable LED bulbs can be perfectly dimmed to the desired light level; 50% dimming is 50% of the brightness. Keep in mind the minimum and maximum load of the dimmer (eg 0 - 100W) and the recommended reserve, to prevent light flickering. Do you want to know which LED bulbs are dimmable? Read more...

Watt Lumen

Is the wattage the light intensity? No!

With incandescent bulbs, halogen bulbs, and energy-saving bulbs, the wattage stood for the light output. However, this is not the case with LED. Here Watt stands for the energy consumption of the light source. Want to know how strong the light is? Look at the number of Lumens. NB! High light output can make a warm light color appear brighter. When replacing, therefore, look at both the light color and the number of Lumens. Would you like to know more about Lumens? Read more...




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