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Industry Lighting Guide

Opt for professional LED industrial lighting and profit from several advantages in your business. LED does not only offer you the best quality of light, but it also improves the lighting plan in your industrial environment combined with the fact it saves you a considerable amount of energy and maintenance budget. Our guide below informs you about the best industrial lighting.

Common Industrial Environments

LED Battens over a industry workshopLED Battens over a industry workshop

LED Battens

LED trunking in a car assembly laneLED trunking in a car assembly lane

LED Trunkings

High Bays on a industry ceilingHigh Bays on a industry ceiling

LED High-Bays


"Common industrial environments" refers to a wide range of industrial areas that are not bound by strict regulations. From warehouses and logistical centers to (high ceiling) production halls and assembly lines (non-food and non-chemical). Dependent on the type of company, industrial lighting might require impact and waterproof protection (indoor and/or outdoor) as well as a extremely powerful light output.

• (Waterproof) LED Battens & LED Trunkings - Standard ceiling (≤ 4 meters): production halls, assembly lines, warehouses and logistical centers.

• (Waterproof) LED High-Bays - High ceiling (≥ 4 meters): production halls, assembly lines, warehouses and logistical centers.

• (Waterproof) LED Floodlights - Loading docks (outdoor and indoor) and terrain lighting.

Are suiting fixtures already installed? Old light sources can be easily replaced with sustainable LED tubes and LED gas discharge bulbs.

Garages for trucks lit by floodlightsGarages for trucks lit by floodlights

LED Floodlights

Assembly lane lit by LED tubesAssembly lane lit by LED tubes

LED Tubes

LED gas discharge lamps under a ceiling of a big industry hallLED gas discharge lamps under a ceiling of a big industry hall

LED Gas Discharge


Brightness is a decisive factor for industrial lighting. Depending on the type of industrial work (raw to precision), the light output needs to match with Lux norms (BS EN 12464-1). To determine the right amount of lumens, these factors need to be considered:

• Installation height - The higher the installation height, the higher the light output needs to be to reach the required Lux.

• Beam angle - The higher the placement of a fixture, the smaller the beam angle should be. Light needs to primarily reach the floor and not the walls. 

• Mutual distance - The amount of fixtures placed and the distance that is created in between them, might impact the lumen output that is needed.

We gladly advise you on what is best practice for your industrial establishment. You can reach out to our lighting experts for professional light calculations and/or plans. Are you still interested in a general indication? You can find more info below.

Industrial Environments with Strict Regulations

High regulatory industry entails industrial environments that have to live up to strict BS EN standards or other norms, such as the food industry. But also environments in which chemical substances are used and can therefore affect elements in that environment, such as installed lighting. Specific fixtures are recommended.

• HACCP lighting - Fixtures specifically made for guaranteeing safety in the food industry. More info can be found further on in this page.

• GRP lighting - These waterproof fixtures are made out of glass reinforced plastic (fiber glass / composite plastic), and are resitant to chemical substances such as ammonia. They, for example, fit perfectly in livestock environments.

• PMMA lighting - Fixtures with a chemical resistant nature; usually it is specifically stated what the resistance rate is per chemical substance. Be aware that the chemical resistance is industry related; fixtures are not suitable for every chemical environment.

ceiling lightsceiling lights

HACCP Lighting

pendant lampspendant lamps

GRP Lighting

wall lampswall lamps

PMMA Lighting


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In need of more intel to make the best plan? Check our other industry lighting content! 

Industry lighting is highly diverse. If you want to know more about the best lighting solutions for a particular industrial environment, you can discover more in the blogs and categories below. Find out what lighting norms (EN 12464-1) and throughwiring installation are, or read about the best practice for specific fixtures and/or application areas. 

Conveyor belt in Food industry above led battensConveyor belt in Food industry above led battens

What you should know about HACCP in the food industry!

To start of, what is HACCP? In short, it is a quality tool in the food industry that refers to measures that should be taken into consideration to ensure safety throughout the entire food processing operation. HACCP stands for "Hazard Anaysis Critical Control Points" and includes several areas in which action should be taken, including the installed lighting. In this case, HACCP principles state that a fixture should have the following characteristics:

 Impact proof (IK) and splashwater proof (IP).

Made out of smooth easily cleanable (and chemical resistant) materials.

Splinter free. The housing is not supposed to contain glass.

All these measures are set to avoid physical dangers (glass or other sharp objects), microbiological dangers (bacteria, viruses and fungi) and/or chemical dangers (toxins in fungi, pesticides and such) from affecting the food. Moreover, to prevent buyers from catching diseases and/or sustaining injuries. If a fixture meets the requirements, a HACCP certificate is presented.

Installation height of High BaysInstallation height of High Bays
Coming soon: Standard lighting plans for the industry!

How to determine the optimal Lumen output!

As mentioned before, a suitable light output is determined by the type of industrial work (Lux norms) in combination with especially the installation height and the beam angle, but possibly also the mutual distance. In the table below, you find a mere indication on what specifications you need in a high ceiling industrial environment  when using LED high-bays.

Install Height (m) Beam Angle (D) Lumens (lm)  Surface (m2) Wattage (W) Replaces (W)
3 - 4m 90° - 120° Up to 10.000lm 6 - 14m2 30 - 70W 200W
4 - 6m 90° - 120° 10.000 - 20.000lm 8 - 21m2 70 - 100W 200 - 250W
6 - 8m 90° - 120° 20.000 - 25.000lm 12 - 28m2 100 - 150W 250 - 400W 
8 - 10m 60° - 90° 25.000 - 28.000lm 9 - 20m2 150 - 200W 400 - 500W
10m > 60° - 90° 28.000 - 35.000lm 12m2 > 200 - 300W 400 - 500W

* We have prepared some standard industrial lighting plans for you! These will give you an impression on what you need to pay attention to. You can access them by clicking on the blue button: "View our standard lighting plans''.

What services can Any-Lamp provide to help you implement a durable and professional industry lighting plan?

We'll immediately get to the point: our services can be as extensive as you would like them to be! Lighting expertise at Any-Lamp ranges from providing custom quotation to delivering tailor-made lighting solutions with additional services during installation.

Once you contact our lighting experts to help out with your industry lighting project, they will rely on norm based light calculations (BS EN 12464-1) to create a lighting plan that is a perfect fit for your business premises. In this plan a map is included, so your own installers are aware how our LED lighting solution can be optimally implemented. Moreover, once our lighting plan is in place, we can showcase a 3D simulated version to give a visual overview on what the end result will look like. Interested? Contact us via 020 3608 6378.

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