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VGL Elektro - KVC Genk

Did you already know that we have a partnership with Cosmicnode? The smart wireless lighting project at KVC Genk is a good example of this. For this project, a smart solution was suggested, which is very convenient to use with the Cosmicnode app and light switches, and also involves easy commissioning. This project was carried out by installer Werner van Genechten of VGL Elektro, who had reached out to Cosmicnode. Our role? To supply the necessary high-bay fixtures, which, together with the Cosmicnode sensors and software, gave a new sustainable interpretation to the volleyball sports hall KVC Genk.


Customer's request

KVC Genk was explicitly looking for a user-friendly yet adaptable lighting system to replace its outdated lighting installation. A modern twist that would bring the necessary benefits in terms of use. The main goal: to improve the experience of athletes and spectators, now and in the future. In addition, the desire was to opt for a sustainable solution that would significantly reduce energy consumption in the sports hall.


Solution & Result

For VGL Elektro, the decisive factors to choose for Cosmicnode were: the minimal changes to the sports hall's existing infrastructure and the cost-effective robust nature of the package. Hence, Noxion Ecowhite LED high-bays have been installed at the various light points, which can withstand impact and have a built-in Cosmicnode sensor module.

Now that these LED fixtures have been linked into the Cosmicnode app, KVC Genk has already provided an engaging look to activities in the sports hall on several occasions. For example, bright lighting during a volleyball match on the pitch combined with dimmed light at the viewing and seating areas, to make the game experience as optimal as possible for all attendees. This flexible allocation of lighting in a particular area also reduced unnecessary energy consumption.

A robust high-bay, but smarter ...

In KVC Genk's volleyball sports hall, only our Noxion Ecowhite LED high-bays with a Cosmicnode sensor module were used.

Good to know! These robust LED fixtures can be ordered from us both with and without the Cosmicnode sensor.

Noxion Ecowhite LED High Bay 

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