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LED savings calculator

Did you know you could be over spending on your energy costs everyday? LED is the fastest and most efficient way to decrease your energy costs, as it consumes significantly less energy than conventional lighting. Start saving today!

How to use our LED energy calculator:


  1. Enter how many convenional lightsources you currently have. 

  2. Enter the watts you currently use in the fixture.   
    Did you choose 'number of luminaires' in the first point, and are there multiple light sources in one luminaire? Then add up the wattages of these light sources.

  3. The wattage of your future LED product

  4. How many hours per day is the light turned on

  5. Your electricity costs (for example 0.34 £ per kwh)


The calculator will do its magic and work out how much you'll save by switching to LED lighting.



ConsumptionElectricity costs
Current lighting:
With LED lighting:
Your savings per year:

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