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Philips CoreLine

Lighting that makes a difference in every application!

Go professional with Philips CoreLine!

When you choose Philips CoreLine, you choose innovative and user-friendly top-quality products. Which professional doesn't want that! The CoreLine range consists of many LED fixtures, which can be used in numerous sectors, including offices, industry, retail, car parks and outdoor lighting. If you have a lighting project, you are assured of the following with Philips Coreline:

  • High-quality innovative products.
  • Easy installation.
  • Smart lighting for SMEs (Interact Ready).

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Philips in your next lighting project?

Benefits of Philips CoreLine 

Make a difference with light!

A business benefits from using the right lighting, and for that, the Philips CoreLine offers numerous solutions with durable recessed and surface-mounted fixtures. What you can expect from this product segment:

Easy installation, where ...

  • There is virtually no need for expensive new wiring or ceiling modifications.
  • A quick switch to smart business lighting can be made using CoreLine Interact Ready lighting. Read more >>
  • A long lifetime of 50,000 to 70,000 hours is guaranteed; lumen retention of at least L70 (at 50,000 hours).

Top-quality lighting, that ...

  • Contributes to sustainability goals: reducing operational costs and improving productivity.
  • Ensures health and safety in the workplace.
  • Improves customer experience and customer conversion.

Let's meet our assortment!

Philips CoreLine WT120C LED BattenPhilips CoreLine WT120C LED Batten

Philips CoreLine WT120C

These waterproof LED battens are known for their robust character and fit perfectly as basic lighting in warehouses and car parks. The Philips CoreLine WT120C LEDs durably illuminate with a bright light (140 lm/W). In addition to the standard 4000K versions, they are also available with lumen switch, InterAct Ready, DALI, daylight and motion sensor, and/or emergency lighting (3 hours).

Philips CoreLine BWC110 

This splash-proof wall fixture (IP54) is very suitable as security lighting in industrial or residential areas and lasts 75,000 hours. The Philips CoreLine BWC110 is available with or without a twilight switch, and with a black or white housing. Is 668 lumens too little for your environment? The CoreLine BWC120 is a complete replica, but with a more powerful light output of 1336 lumens.

Philips CoreLine BWC110 LED BulkheadPhilips CoreLine BWC110 LED Bulkhead

Connected lighting with Philips Interact Pro - 3 levels

The innovative nature of Philips CoreLine ensures that Interact Ready fixtures work in perfect harmony with Interact Pro: Philips' smart lighting solution for SMEs. Entry level is low-threshold, but can be extended from level 1 to level 3 in terms of capabilities: 

  1. Interact Pro app (standard) - You manage lighting via an app.
  2. Interact Pro gateway (advanced) - You manage lighting via the cloud, which enables functions such as remote control and energy reports.
  3. Interact Pro IoT (smart building) - Integration of the lighting system into your premises, for optimal use of data; this requires training and certification.
Philips Interact ProPhilips Interact Pro