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Philips CorePro LED

Affordable lighting of excellent quality suitable for every budget!

Simple and for daily life with the Philips CorePro

The Philips CorePro series offers a line of products that are known for their simplicity, while still offering excellent quality for the best price. This line is perfect to use in your daily life and contains LED bulbs (such as E14 and E27), LED Spotlights Bulbs (e.g. GU10 and GU5.3), LED PL Bulbs, LED Capsule Bulbs and fixtures such as LED tubes. When you choose CorePro, you receive:

  • Good quality products.
  • Easy installation.
  • At the lowest price.

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Philips in your next lighting project?

Benefits of Philips CorePro

Long lifespan
CorePro LED light bulbs have an impressive life span of 30,000 hours. This means they will last much longer than conventional light bulbs!

Energy efficiency
CorePro LED light bulbs are the future and save you lots of energy and money. The CorePro line is up to 75% more energy efficient compared to conventional lighting.

High quality light
CorePro LED light bulbs offer excellent lighting quality. The light bulb does not flicker and the bulbs have a high CRI, meaning that you see colours true to nature.

Wide variety of products
The CorePro LED series offers a line with many different kinds of light bulbs, ranging from LED tubes and spotlight bulbs to capsule and CFL bulbs. 

No fuss lighting with excellent quality

The CorePro series is the perfect product line for businesses that prefer cheaper lighting in certain areas (such as small storages with a low ceiling) and find that lighting quality or sustainable lighting is not vital to their business.

  • A longer lifespan than conventional lighting of up 30,000 hours.
  • At a lower price than other Philips product series.
  • Very energy-efficient
  • Easy to install due to the retrofitting
  • Excellent lighting quality.

Let's meet a product from this series!

Philips CorePro T8 EM/Mains Ultra Output Philips CorePro T8 EM/Mains Ultra Output 

Philips CorePro LED Tube: T8 EM/Mains Ultra Output 

These LED Tubes are the perfect bargain: excellent quality at a low price. Thanks to the retrofit fitting, you can easily install this tube in your current fixture. These Philips CorePro T8 have up to 110 lm/W efficiency and can be divided into three groups: standard output, high output and ultra output. The standard output is only suitable in car parks, whereas ultra output tubes can also be used in industry, warehouse/factories, supermarket/retail, office/school/healthcare and public buildings.

For which industries is this product series suitable?

The CorePro series meet all norms and standards that are applicable in the industry. Furthermore, thanks to the different kinds of light bulbs, this line offers a suitable product for every business and for every application. The LED tubes and PL bulbs are suitable light bulbs for standard fixtures. If you're looking for light bulbs that add a great atmosphere to your premise, then the bulbs, spotlight bulbs and capsule bulbs are the perfect solution. If you have conventional retrofit design lights, then these products are also perfect to replace the conventional bulbs! In this way you can enhance the atmosphere in your building and make your employees feel at ease. This series is suitable for the next application areas:

  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Offices
  • Education
  • Industry

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