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What is outdoor lighting?

Outdoor lighting has plenty of practical uses around the home. As well as lighting up your home itself, outdoor lighting is ideal for areas like driveways, paths, gardens and balconies. As well as making your surroundings safer and more secure, outdoor lighting is aesthetically pleasing too. At Any-Lamp, we've got lots of different outdoor lighting products in stock. Ones with built-in emergency lighting units remain on even in the event of a power cut, while ones with sensors turn on and off automatically. Most of the LED Outdoor lighting fixtures we sell come complete with a light source, but if you choose one without, don't forget to order the bulb or tube you need too. Also, be sure to check that the product you choose has a suitable IP rating for your situation. Almost all of the outdoor lighting we sell is LED outdoor lighting which has excellent energy efficiency and a long lifespan too.


Outdoor Waterproof LED Spotlights

Outdoor LED Spotlights for patio roofs

Turn your patio into a true summer palace!

Who wouldn't want to sit outside all summer? With our IP65 waterproof spots, you can enjoy the outdoors until late at night. High-quality lighting, built in the porch doesn’t only improve the atmosphere but also improves safety. Take a quick look at our LED spots for porches here and get your garden ready for summer!

LED Solar lights


Use the power of the sun with LED Solar Lamps

Installing lighting in the garden can be challenging some times. With the Paulmann LED Solar Lights there is no need for pulling cables. These solar lamps charge themselves during daylight by using built-in solar panels. When it gets dark at night the saved energy converts into attractive and safe garden lighting

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Switch to LED Floodlights

If you want to light a large garden, patio, building or sports field, you need a powerful light like a floodlight. Choosing LED means you can get a high-quality, powerful floodlight that offers excellent energy efficiency too.

All about sensor lighting

LED lighting offers great savings in energy costs, but there's always room for improvement. One easy way to make things even more efficient is to use sensor lighting that turns on and off automatically.

Light up your patio with LED

The patio is the perfect place to enjoy a pleasant summer evening. When it starts to get dark, however, lighting up your patio with LED means you can carry on enjoying your evening for as long as you want.