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E27 LED Bulbs

E27 LED bulbs are becoming more and more common. The E27 cap/base is also known as an Edison screw or ES for short. The number in its name refers to its diameter in mm. E27 LED bulbs are perfect for replacing their incandescent, halogen or energy-saving counterparts because LED lighting is the most energy-efficient type of lighting by far. LED bulbs last up to 50 times longer too! Our range of E27 LED bulbs includes top-brand names and lots of different specifications to choose from. We've even got a large selection of dimmable E27 LED bulbs.
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How to replace old E27 bulbs with E27 LED bulbs?


Replacing an old incandescent lamp with an E27 base with a new LED bulb with the same thread is very easy! You only need to consider a few things in advance:

To make sure you don't notice any differences between the two bulbs after the replacement, you only need to check three aspects. First, you should look at how many watts your old E27 bulb had. Then you can use this to determine the lumen value that needs to be replaced. This indicates how brightly a lamp shines. The following table shows how many watts mean how many lumens for an incandescent lamp:


Incandescent Bulb: Watt Lumen
25 W 200 lm
40 W 400 lm
60 W 700 lm
100 W 1.300 lm


Once you have found this out, you can choose a corresponding E27 LED lamp that has the same lumen value. Our products often have this information in the title. Here, for example, "Replaces 50 watts" shows you directly which old light bulbs you can replace with the new LED.

Don't be surprised: the wattage of your new lamp will be much lower. This is because LED bulbs are many times more efficient than incandescent bulbs. Next, you need to pay attention to the colour rendering and colour temperature of the new lamp: The colour rendering of an incandescent lamp is 90-99 Ra. Many LEDs also have this value. You will find this information in the technical data of each product. You can also easily determine the colour temperature here. An incandescent lamp usually has a colour temperature of Extra Warm White (2,700 K). E27 LED bulbs are also available in this light colour.

If you want to learn more about the classic lamp socket, you should read our blog post: How do I find the right E27 LED bulb?


Which E27 LED lamps are dimmable?


We have many LEDs with the popular socket in our range that are dimmable. Whether a lamp is dimmable or not is usually stated in the product title. If you want to be on the safe side, you can also read about it in the technical data of each product. If, on the other hand, you would like to search for dimmable E27 LEDs straight away, you can do this using the filter function on the left-hand side. Simply tick the box "Yes" under "Dimmable". Or simply visit our category: Dimmable E27 LED bulbs.


Among the dimmable E27 LED lamps, there are also products with the so-called "Dim to Warm" technology. Lamps of this type can be dimmed not only in their light intensity but also in their colour temperature. Thus, a warm white lamp (3,000 K) quickly emits an extra warm white light colour (2,700 K and less). You will find such products in our category Dim to Warm LED-Lights. Here you can filter by your preferred base type on the left-hand side.  


In which shapes are light bulbs with E27 socket available?

E27 LED-bulb Noxion
E27 LED bulbs come in many different shapes


E27 bulbs come in many different shapes. At Any-Lamp, we call the typical bulb shape "standard" - it makes up a large part of our product range.

In addition, there are "Globe"-bulbs. These are characterised by a round glass body that is considerably larger than that of the bulb shape. If you want to install a globe lamp in a lampholder, you should make sure that you have enough space for it. If in doubt, measure twice.

A "ball" lamp looks similar to a standard bulb, but does not have such a long neck and therefore looks a little "squeezed". This can be an advantage if you don't have as much space in the luminaire. Another popular shape are the "stick" lamps. As the name suggests, these are lamps that have an elongated body and are not so wide.

Filament-LEDs are also particularly popular. These are characterised by their filaments. When you switch on such a lamp, it is guaranteed to become a real eye-catcher in any room!

You can find other lamp shapes via the filter function on the left. These include:


  • Reflector
  • Edison
  • PAR
  • Candle
  • Tubular


Do E27 lamps come in different colour temperatures?


Yes, E27 lamps are available in different colour temperatures. However, incandescent lamps are at a clear disadvantage here; LEDs are available in far more light colours. Among them: Extra warm white (2,700 K), warm white (3,000 K), cool white (4,000 K) and daylight white (6,500 K). If you want to search for a specific light colour right away, you can do so using our filter function on the left. Under "Colour code", simply select the colour temperatures you want to filter by.

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