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LED Track Lights

LED Track Lights are ideal for retailers because they can be easily repositioned as the product assortment changes. That means products can always look their best and good colour rendering means colours are represented accurately too. LED Track Lights can normally be connected to existing or new track systems and are suitable for general lighting as well as spotlighting. Choose an LED Track Light with the right colour code and beam angle for your situation.
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What advantages do track light systems offer?

  • Flexibility: Track systems can be extended over a large ceiling area, but unlike individual luminaires, they do not require a separate power connection for each connected lamp. Furthermore, some product lines offer the option of swivelling the luminaires so that, for example, you can direct the light in a shop directly onto a shelf or a sales table.
  • Individuality: Light track systems are not only available from different brands, but also in a wide variety of colours. Whether black, white or anthracite - with us, everyone will find the right design!
  • Efficiency: Our product range has a large selection of LED track systems, which are highly efficient compared to classic light bulbs or halogen lamps. By switching to modern LED technology, you can save up to 90 % on electricity and energy costs.
  • Longevity: By using LEDs, you also benefit from their longevity when buying track systems. On average, the products have a service life of around 50,000 hours. With a lighting duration of, for example, 60 hours every week, your LED track spotlight will provide high-quality, flicker-free light for up to 16 years.


What are track light systems suitable for?

LED track systems are used in both the private and commercial sectors. With them, a room that has only one or a few power connections can still be illuminated in a complex way.

Private household: You enjoy a minimalist and modern design or you have a particularly angled room? In both cases, an LED light rail system is the right solution! You can mount the light strips on the ceiling according to your needs. They give every room a unique charm and always provide the best light thanks to a high CRI.

LED track spotlights in a shoe shop (iStock/fiphoto)


Retail: LED track spotlights are great for shop lighting. Whether you want to equip a fashion shop, a hairdresser's salon or any other shop - a track lighting system is the ideal solution. It allows you to illuminate your premises not only flexibly but also individually. Thanks to swivelling luminaires, you can skilfully stage your goods and thus increase your sales figures. Many of our track spotlights have a high colour rendering level (80 Ra and higher). This means that the colours of your products are also reproduced particularly authentically in the shop window.


Catering: Whether restaurant, bar or canteen - track luminaires are always a good choice in the catering sector! They offer the possibility to illuminate even a large room and depending on the model, the lamps can be dimmed. This creates a cosy and inviting atmosphere, especially in bars.


Hotel industry: LED track systems can be used individually - in terms of colour, lamp shape and length. Therefore, they can be used flexibly in a hotel both in the guest rooms, in the corridors, in the lobby or also in the in-house restaurant. The light strips can be matched to the individual hotel areas and still result in a coherent whole, which is why they are so popular with many hoteliers.


Office: Rail systems can also be used sensibly in office buildings. As the luminaires usually do not have the necessary glare value (UGR < 19), they cannot be used as workplace lighting. However, LED track systems are ideal for recreation rooms, entrance areas and corridors. Provide a little variety and don't install panels in every room; instead, use modern batten luminaires and make more of your office building. You can find suitable products in our category "Office lighting".


Museums & Galleries: With LED track luminaires, you always have the option of creating the right light incidence when exhibits change. Once you have mounted the framework for a track system, you can easily add luminaires, remove them or swivel them in a different direction - you don't have this much flexibility with any other product. In addition, the tracks as well as spotlights are available in different colours. We recommend white to match the ceiling, as this makes the lighting particularly unobtrusive and does not distract visitors from the exhibits.

What is the difference between high-voltage and low-voltage track systems?

High-voltage track systems are connected to an existing 230 volt power source and do not require a transformer. Therefore, there is also no minimum load that needs to be observed. High-voltage track systems are available as 1-phase and 3-phase track systems. With a 3-phase system, it is possible to set up different circuits so that you can switch luminaires independently of each other.

Low-voltage track systems work with 12 volts and therefore require a transformer, which converts the high-voltage current into low-voltage current. The products can be extended as required, provided the maximum load is not exceeded.

Are LED track systems dimmable?

Not all track systems are dimmable. However, there are product series that fulfil this characteristic. You can use our filter function to display all dimmable track luminaires.


Installing LED track lighting system correctly

You have determined the room size and bought the right products? Great, then nothing stands in the way of installation. If you want to install your new rail system without an electrician, you should follow the steps below.


  1. Switch off the power and remove the fuse if necessary.
  2. Lay out the rails on the floor in the same way as you would like to mount them on the ceiling later.
  3. Connect the corner connectors to the power rails and pull the lamp cable into the insertion of the corner connectors.
  4. Assemble the end pieces to the rails.
  5. Mark out drill holes with a pencil.
  6. Drill the holes into the concrete ceiling with a hammer drill (approx. 6 mm deep).
  7. Mount the rails to the ceiling with dowels and screws.
  8. Connect the wires and repeat the process if necessary depending on the length of your LED track spotlight.
  9. Switch the power and the fuse back on.

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