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Halogen capsule bulbs have been phased out!

Conventional halogen capsule bulbs are already phased out. A good opportunity to make the switch to a more sustainable and energy efficient alternative: LED capsule bulbs! You can save significantly on your energy costs. In times when energy prices are becoming increasingly more expensive, that is a great boost.

The energy-efficient LED alternative: G9, G4 and GY6.35 LED Capsule Bulbs

As a result of the integrated LED technology, LED capsule bulbs consume up to 90% less energy than conventional halogen variants. Moreover, you will find a wide range of different LED bulbs from various premium brands in our assortment. Would you like to switch to LED? Then always check the dimensions of your old bulb, before you decide to buy a LED replacement. The sizes of LED capsule bulbs can differ from your halogen bulb, leaving you with a light source that might not fit in your fixture. In case you have a 12V capsule bulb, please check your current transformer. After all, it needs to be compatible with LED to ensure the best performance.

Recycle your old halogen capsule bulbs! 
Halogen bulbs may be disposed of in residual waste. Note: never discard your halogen bulbs like you dispose other glass products. As they contain different materials, they should be treated differently from, for example, a bottle or a glass jar.

Already phased out since september 2021: GU5.3, G53 and R7s halogen bulbs

We still have many LED replacements though ...

You save up to 90% in energy costs with this LED bulbs. LED also offers a wide range of colour temperatures and lasts up to 15 times longer. Therefore, you actually buy 15 halogen bulbs in one go. This is not only a smart investment, but it is also a much more durable and environmental friendly solution. Of course, you can also replace halogen spots with a LED integrated fixture. As an example, we have various LED recessed spotlights in our assortment.

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Most asked questions about switching to LED Capsule bulbs:

Which LED bulbs work on 12 Volts? The G4, GU4, G53, GU5.3 do. You need a transformer for these light sources.

Do LED capsule bulbs have the same size as halogen capsule bulbs? In general, yes. Always check if the size matches with your old lighting!

How do I know if I have the right socket/base? You can measure the distance between the two pins. With G4, for example, the pins are 4 millimetres apart.

Are LED capsule bulbs dimmable? Yes, some are! To dim your LED bulbs in a good way, we recommend a LED dimmer.

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