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Solar Lights

Any-Lamp also offers a wide variety of sustainable solar lights. The solar lights are available in different sizes, colours and come with different sensor options. There are alternatives with either motions sensors or twilight switch, which automatically turn on when it gets dark outside. The solar lights are easy to install and can be mounted either on the walls or in the ground. The solar fixtures offered vary from wall luminaires and floodlights to recessed box luminaires and illuminated house number signs. The solar lights are waterproof as they are designed to be outside and come in a warm white or extra warm white colour temperature. Use the filter on the left to quickly find the solar light that suites you best!  

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What are the advantages of solar lights?


The advantages of solar lights lie particularly in the unbeatable efficiency and sustainability of the illuminants. They are powered entirely by solar energy - so apart from the purchase costs, you no longer have any running costs: this means energy cost savings of 100 %.

In addition, you can benefit from the longevity of LEDs: LED solar luminaires often have a service life of 30,000 hours. This means you very rarely have to replace the lamps and thus effectively save on maintenance costs.


What types of solar lamps are there?


Solar lighting from Paulmann
A solar light from Paulmann

At Any-Lamp, we offer various types of solar lamps and solar luminaires. These include wall lights, bollard lights as well as ground spotlights that you can use in outdoor areas without any problems.

Most of our solar lamps have a light colour of warm white (3,000 K). This is perfect for spreading a cosy atmosphere and invites you to relax. You can therefore use them very well in the garden or on the terrace.

However, some of our solar lights also have a colour temperature of cool white (4,000 K). These are more suitable for official environments, such as offices or apartment buildings, as the light supports alertness and keeps the body awake.

Many of our solar lights also come with a motion or twilight switch. You can read more about this in the next chapter.


Are there solar lights with motion sensors?


Yes, many solar lights come with motion detectors! This means they only come on when something moves in their surroundings and then only provide light for a certain time. This is particularly practical for environments where lighting is needed only at certain moments.

But not only that: there are also solar lamps that have a daylight sensor. These constantly measure the brightness around them. If the light intensity falls below a certain level at some point, they switch on. Such solar lamps therefore only provide light when it is really necessary. In this way, you can save a lot of electricity costs - just like with a motion detector.

In our category "LED Sensor Lighting" we have summarised all lamps with motion and light sensors for you.




What should I bear in mind when buying solar lamps?


Solar lamps are usually used in outdoor areas. Therefore, you need to make sure that they are sufficiently protected against the weather conditions at the location.

Many of the solar lamps in our range come with high protection classes: if you want to install a solar lamp in the garden, for example, that has no protection against rain, you should look for a protection class of at least IP65. If the luminaire is a ground spotlight, you should go for IP67. This way, water can also stand on the housing without penetrating it. If, on the other hand, your solar lamp is located under a small projection on a house wall, it only needs a protection class of IP44.


For which areas are solar lamps suitable?


Garden with shrubs
Solar luminaires are ideal for the garden.
(Image: Unsplash/Martin Knize)

Solar luminaires are particularly suitable for outdoor areas that are illuminated by sunlight. Such a location ensures that the luminaire's batteries can be charged by the solar cells and that the lamp will therefore function properly. Apart from that, there are no limits to your imagination.

You can use solar lights as decorative lighting in the garden, for example. So-called bollard lights are particularly recommended for this purpose. But you can also use solar lamps to illuminate paths or driveways. For this purpose, we not only have wall luminaires in our range, but also ground luminaires that you can set into the ground.

Another area of application is, for example, front doors: as many solar lights are equipped with a twilight switch, they only provide light when it has become dark outside. Some of them even come with a house number plate that you can attach under the light. So they also make wonderful Outdoor lights.


How do solar lights work?


As a rule, solar lights are not connected to the power grid: they draw all the energy they need from the sun's rays. Integrated solar cells capture this energy, convert it into electricity and store it in batteries. The luminaire can then access it when it is switched on. This is done either manually or via a sensor.

By the way: solar lights also work in winter! As a rule, solar energy is sufficient to fully charge the batteries of LED lamps even in the cold season. However, you should make sure that the solar cells and - if present - sensors are always free of dirt so that they can function properly.


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