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T8 (TL-D) Tubes

On this page you will find our full assortment of High quality T8 (TL-D) Tubes from Philips, Osram, Sylvania and GE. Our selection of T8 tubes can be found in a variety of wattages and lengths from under 40 cm tubes, 40-70cm, 70-110 cm, 110-140cm and 140cm and above. Whether its the popular Philips Master TL-D Super 80 or High lumen tubes for areas which require a substantial amount of light ouput. On this page you will find a range of domestic professional and Specialised tubes for Freezer lighting, Extra long lifetime, Teflon Coating, Internal Ignitor and more. If you require the corresponding ballast and starters, you find them on the Ballasts and starters pages. If your looking to replace your conventional lighting, reduce your maintenance costs and cut your energy consumption by 80% you can find all LED alternatives on the LED Tubes page.

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