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Fluorescent tubes have been phased out!

Conventional fluorescent tubes are already phased out. A good opportunity to make the switch to a more sustainable and energy efficient alternative: LED tubes! You can save significantly on your energy costs. In times when energy prices are becoming increasingly more expensive, that is a great boost.

T8 fluorescent tubes are already phased out

The energy-efficient alternative: T8 LED Tubes

Good to know: Conventional T8 fluorescent tubes function optimally when using a conventional (EM) ballast with starter or an electronic (HF) ballast. When switching to LED, always ensure that the T8 LED tube uses the same ballast. If the LED light source has a conventional ballast, you must replace the old starter with an LED starter. You can also opt for a mains (AC) LED T8 tube that runs directly on the power network (230V). In this case, you can remove the ballast entirely.


T8 LED Tubes

  • 2700K - 6500K.
  • 60cm, 90cm, 120cm, 150cm
  • No flickering and 100% light
  • Efficient and not breakable

Recycle your old fluorescent tube(s)! 
Fluorescent tubes can be dropped off at the waste disposal site in your municipality. Reason for this, is that the materials used in these lights can be resued for approximately 95%. This includes materials such as glass and metal. It is important that the tubes are still intact and that they are dropped off individually. 

T5 fluorescent tubes are already phased out

The energy-efficient alternative: T5 LED Tubes

Good to know: T5 LED lighting is suitable for all electronic (HF) fixtures that already contain T5 lighting or have a suitable connection (G5) for T5 LED tubes. This applies to both open and closed fixtures. You don't need a LED starter. Also, like all other LED tubes, T5 LED tubes directly illuminate at 100% light output. T5 LED tubes can also operate directly on mains power. In this case, we speak of mains (AC). If you buy a UN variant, you can choose yourselves whether to use the old ballast or to take it out entirely.


T5 LED Tubes

  • 3000K - 6500K.
  • 55cm, 85cm, 115cm, 145cm
  • For electronic ballasts (HF)
  • Save up to 70%

Why switch to LED tubes now?

High energy savings

For many applications


Do you want to exchange the entire fixture for an energy-efficient LED alternative? That's also an option!

Good to know: when replacing a fixture entirely, you profit in more ways than one. Some of our LED battens are waterproof (IP65 or higher) and can therefore be used outdoors. Or take a look at our wide range of LED panels, that are available in different sizes and colour temperatures. Does your building contain ceilings of 4 metres or higher? With LED trunkings, the correct light output is guaranteed. A big advantage of all of these alternatives: some LED fixtures last up to 25 years and provide substantial savings in terms of energy, maintenance and replacement costs.


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Most frequently asked questions concerning switching to LED tubes:

Which ballasts are there? Tubes that need a starter work on a conventional ballast (EM). Tubes without a starter work on an electronic ballast (HF).

Do I need to replace my current starter? When the LED tube works on a conventional ballast, then you need a LED starter.

Do I need to change the whole fixture? No, you can also choose to only replace the tubes in the fixture.

Which LED Tube do I need? Use the same length (and colour temperature) as your old tube. Also check how much light (lumen) you need for the room.   

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