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LED Capsule Bulbs

LED capsule bulbs can be used to replace conventional capsule bulbs. They're the most compact LED bulbs we sell and are much more energy-efficient than halogen capsule bulbs. LED capsule bulbs have G9, G4 or GY6.35 pins and we've also included R7s bulbs here. In addition to their excellent efficiency, these LED capsule bulbs last a long time too. We've got a wide selection of LED capsule bulbs available, including dimmable ones.
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What is a capsule bulb?

capsule bulbs owe their name to the base shape GX and GUX. Sockets of this shape have two pins at the end. These are also called pins and are responsible for contact. The letter G indicates the material glass from which the contact pins were originally made. The additional letter U informs whether the base has a transverse groove on both sides. The X serves as a placeholder. It indicates the exact pin spacing. 


What types of capsule bulbs are there?

In our online shop you will find a wide range of LED pin based bulbs. These are the four most popular models:

LED capsule bulbs with G4 base: With these capsule bulbs, the pins are 4 mm apart. G4 LEDs can even be dimmed in some cases. 


LED capsule bulb with G9 base: These capsule bulb sockets have a base where the pins are 9 mm apart. They are also partially dimmable and operate at 230 volts, so they can be connected directly to the mains. 


LED pin bases with GY6.35 base: The pins of the compact LED capsule bulbs are 6.35 mm apart. These products are not dimmable. 


LED capsule bulbs with R7s base: R7s LEDs are LED capsule bulbs that have one pin at each end. The so-called capsule bulbs are 78 mm or 118 mm long. 


R7s LED-Stiftsockellampe
LED capsule bulb with R7s base

What are capsule bulbs suitable for? 

LED capsule bulbs are used in a wide variety of applications because they are available with large and small beam angles and in three different colour temperatures (extra warm white, warm white and cool white). Pin bulbs are usually very small and can therefore be used well in display cabinets or other pieces of furniture for illumination. Special models such as those with an R7s base are also often used for car park lighting. 



Are LED capsule bulbs dimmable?

Not all capsule bulbs can be dimmed. Some LED variants have this function. Products where you can regulate the brightness with the help of a dimmer can be found in our category "Dimmable LED capsule bulbs". 



Can you replace a halogen capsule bulb with LED? 

capsule bulbs with two pins are easy to replace with an LED model. The change is just as easy as replacing a conventional lamp that is no longer serviceable. You only need to observe the following: Before buying the LED, make sure it has the right dimensions. Likewise, the LED penlight should have the right wattage. With our filter function "Replaced (Watt)" you can display suitable bulbs. 



Dispose of capsule bulbs correctly


You have chosen LED capsule bulbs? Great, then the disposal is quite simple, because LEDs are recyclable. Since the bulbs do not contain toxic substances such as mercury, but valuable substances, they can be handed in at municipal collection points, such as hazardous waste mobiles and recycling centres, as well as directly to the manufacturer and at points of sale of electronic devices. 

Do you still have conventional capsule bulbs at home? Then you can safely dispose of them in the household waste, because classic pen bulbs are halogens and these also contain no mercury - but also no valuable substances.

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