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Smart Lighting

Customize your lighting for working and living with Smart Lighting. Any-Lamp is your number one supplier for Smart Lighting. Discover our quality Smart Lighting brands like Philips Hue, Ledvance and Calex. With smart lighting, you can turn the room into a real tech oasis using a smartphone or tablet, where you are in control! Very popular are, for example, the Smart Home Series products from Calex! Thanks to the integrated LED technology you also save up to 70% on your energy costs. Smart lighting is therefore always a clever investment!

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What exactly is smart lighting?

A smart LED lamp looks a lot like an ordinary LED lamp with the same fitting, but in terms of functionality, smart lighting has various extra options. You can control smart LED lamps remotely and create your own atmosphere and style in every room, even when you are not (yet) at home. This can be done by switching between different color temperatures or colors. You also have the option to set certain timers. This way you can ensure that your smart LED lighting comes on at a certain time and/or goes out again. On this page, we explain all of what you can choose from at Any-lamp when it comes to smart lighting.


What are the benefits of smart lighting?

There are several advantages to be mentioned with regard to the use of smart lighting. We have listed the most important ones for you:

- Easy to operate. You can control smart lighting wirelessly. This ensures optimum ease of use. 

- Many variations are possible. Depending on the type of smart lighting, you can switch color, color temperature or brightness of the light. Some smart lighting is also dimmable. You can easily control the dimming of smart lighting via your own smartphone or tablet.

- Energy-efficient.Smart LED bulbs have very low power while providing the best performance and very efficient in terms of energy consumption. Your energy savings compared to conventional lighting will increase to more than 90%, while a smart LED bulb will last for many years! 

- Good for the environment. Smart LED lighting is sustainable. It is also generally known that LED contributes to a cleaner world! With sustainable smart LED bulbs you also help to reduce C02 emissions!


What do I need when buying smart lighting?

What you need depends on the brand of smart lighting you want to buy. This is how the various Calex smart LED bulbs work directly on Tuya Wi-Fi (2.4Ghz). So you don't need anything extra for this, while to use Philips Hue Smart lighting (works on the ZigBee network) you need a so-called Bridge, which is the link between a Hue lamp and the Philips Hue App. You must install this Bridge to let your Philips smart lighting shine. Furthermore, Ledvance Smart+ lighting also works on the ZigBee network. Looking for smart outdoor lighting? You can also shop at us for Smart+ smart outdoor lighting from Ledvance, such as smart garden lights and smart bollard lights. 

Which smart lighting is suitable for the home?

For this you have a wide range of possibilities and options. Any-Lamp has several perfectly suitable products for every room when it comes to the right smart lighting for the home. You can choose from several smart fittings in our range of smart LED lighting. These are the same as with regular LED lamps, such as the popular E27 screw fitting and the slightly smaller E14 screw fitting, which you can turn into a fixture in no time at all. Are you looking for smart lighting with a GU10 fitting, a B22 fitting or smart LED strips? Here too we have several options, just as it comes to varying the color temperature. For example, you can choose from: 

- 1800 - 3000 Kelvin (extra warm white - warm white)

- 2200 - 4000 Kelvin (extra warm white - cool white)

Also ask yourself what kind of atmosphere you want to create with the smart lighting and what kind of options you would like. For example, a smart LED Calex lamp with a CCT function gives the option of changing the light color, while the 'Color Ambiance' specification indicates that the Calex smart lamp in question has a wide color palette. From red to yellow and from pink to green. There is also plenty to choose from in terms of the shape of the lamp, including the smart LED lamp with the well-known pear shape, but also in globe shape, Edison shape, candle shape and more. At Any-Lamp you can buy smart lighting quickly and easily online and you are assured of an all-in warranty!


How do I install smart lighting?

This is very simple and you can also arrange it quickly! After you have placed a smart LED lamp in the relevant fixture, you can start linking it. You can do this on your smartphone or tablet with the official App of the smart lamp, such as the Calex Smart App, the Ledvance Smart+ App or the Philips Hue App. Here you can easily operate all smart LED lamps in an instant. You do all this with just a click or possibly turning your index finger to activate a certain color, dim the light or change the color temperature.


In what ways can I control smart lighting?

As mentioned earlier, this can always be done via the official app of the relevant smart lighting. You download this free on your smartphone or tablet. You have the option to connect multiple lamps to the App at the same time. You can also give each lamp a specific name. This way you keep a complete overview in your home or other space. Furthermore, it is also possible to control smart LED lamps with your own voice or external devices.


Can I connect smart lighting to a Google Home, Apple HomeKit or Amazon Alexa device?

Yes, you can connect smart lighting to a Google Home, Apple HomeKit or Amazon Alexa Home speaker! The software on every Google Home assistant and Amazon Alexa makes it possible to connect your smart lighting. With the Philips Hue lamps you can connect the Hub to a Home or Alexa device, and then control the smart lighting with your own voice! For example, if you say: 'Hey Google, dim the light of the lamp dining table', the light of this lamp will be dimmed. You can even link another smart lighting directly. This way you can optimally enjoy smart lighting via Google Home or Alexa.


What is Tuya smart?

The Tuya smart principle works on Wi-Fi (2.4Ghz). Several brands work on this network, including Calex. When you have downloaded the official Calex Smart Home App, you can connect all Calex smart lamps. Smart lighting that works on Tuya smart contains components that you can connect to the Tuya Wi-Fi. So you don't have to purchase a modem, router or other devices separately. The Tuya network ensures that your smart LED lamps always remain lit.


Can you connect Philips Hue lighting to Tuya Wi-Fi?

No that is impossible. This has to do with the fact that Philips Hue lamps work on the ZigBee platform. And that is a different platform than the Tuya platform. If you would like to add a Philips Hue smart lamp to the Calex Smart App, it simply won't work, because the App cannot connect to smart lighting from another platform. Conversely, you would therefore not be able to connect a Calex Smart lamp via the Philips Hue App.


What accessories for smart lighting are there?

At Any-Lamp you will find various accessories for smart lighting. You can use remote control for the various Calex smart LED lamps. This way you can set and operate every Calex smart lamp with a few presses. Other smart accessories we offer include smart motion sensors and smart power strips with USB connections, to which you can connect multiple household appliances. Make your home, study or office even smarter with our smart lighting and accessories! 

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