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LED Surface Mounted Fixtures

LED Surface Mounted Fixtures come in many different shapes and sizes and can be attached to ceilings and walls. There are suitable surface-mounted fixtures for any application you can think of! Use the filters to select the product type you're interested in and find exactly what you're looking for. Every product you find here uses LED technology so you can rest assured it's energy-efficient and will last a long time too.
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What types of surface-mounted fixtures are there?

Surface-mounted fixtures come in different forms - for example, as ceiling lights.
Surface-mounted fixtures are lights that are installed on walls or ceilings. Unlike recessed fixtures, they do not disappear into the surface but are mounted on it. Accordingly, there are all kinds of different surface-mounted fixtures. The most popular in our range are, for example, LED ceiling lights, LED panels or LED track spotlights.

Surface-mounted fixtures are usually used indoors, but can also be installed outdoors. These are either outdoor lighting or solar lighting. The latter, for example, can be operated completely without electricity because they are powered solely by the sun's rays.


What are surface-mounted fixtures suitable for?


The area of application of a surface-mounted fixtures depends very much on its type. LED panels, LED wall lights and ceiling lights, for example, can be perfectly used to provide ambient lighting for a room or a specific area. They often radiate their light diffusely in any direction and thus provide very soft lighting that does not dazzle people so much and avoids casting harsh shadows.

The situation is different with surface-mounted fixtures, for example, which emit an aligned, direct light. These include LED spotlights, for example. But there are also LED wall lights that fall into this category. Such fixtures are ideal for accent lighting for specific objects or areas.


Are surface-mounted fixtures dimmable?


Yes, there are surface-mounted fixtures that are dimmable. You can easily find out whether a fixture is dimmable or not: usually this is already noted in the product title with "dimmable". You can also read this information in the technical information of each product.

If you would like to filter for dimmable surface-mounted fixtures, you can do this on the left-hand side: under "Dimmable", simply tick "Yes". Or you can visit our page: Dimmable LED surface-mounted fixtures.

With LED lighting, always make sure that you need a special LED dimmer. Unfortunately, a conventional dimmer is not compatible with LEDs.


Mounting surface-mounted luminaires


Mounting a surface-mounted fixtures varies greatly depending on the product type. As a rule, everything you need for installation is included in the scope of delivery. For many products, you will also find accessories: for LED panels, for example, we offer suspensions, mounting frames and safety cables with which you can install the fixtures in various ways on the wall or ceiling.

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