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What is Philips DimTone?

Create a natural, cozy ambiance when the light is dimmed

The functionality DimTone allows the user to vary the bulb colour temperature from 2200K (flame/extra warm white) to 2700K (warm white). More you dim the light darkens, more the colour becomes warm. It's the same effect than dimming a light bulb or a halogen spotlight.

Demonstration video

How does the DimTone work?

If you don’t use the dimmer, your bulb has a standard colour temperature of 2700K (warm white). With the DimTone, you can gradually vary the colour until 2200K by means of dimming and thus achieve the desired atmosphere.

What is the difference between DimTone and standard dimming?

Use a dimmer with a standard LED does not have any effect on the colour temperature but only on the light intensity. Whereas with the functionality DimTone, the light intensity remains the same but the light colour becomes warmer to create a cosy, secure and relaxing home atmosphere.

In the example below, you can make the difference:

DimTone and standard dimming

Which DimTone model is suitable to replace your old bulb?

The DimTone LED bulbs are available in various sockets and wattages. With the E27, E14, GU10 and GU5.3 fittings, you have many options to replace your old halogen bulbs. For your convenience, we have added the old wattages so you can easily find your LED replacement.

Advantages of the Philips DimTone Bulbs

  • Long lifetime up to 25,000 hours
  • Up to 90% energy saving
  • Environmentally friendly solution (lead- and mercury-free)

LED bulbs E27 Philips DimTone
LED bulbs E27
Philips DimTone
LED bulbs E14 Philips DimTone
LED bulbs E14
Philips DimTone
LED spots GU10 Philips DimTone
LED spots GU10
Philips DimTone
LED spots GU5.3 Philips DimTone
LED spots GU5.3
Philips DimTone

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