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What are the differences between the Osram LED Tubes?

Osram LED tubes are Plug & Play alternatives for conventional fluorescent tubes. LED tubes realise a big saving on your energy costs, which can rise up to 70% in most occasions. Due to the big offer in LED tubes it is hard to find the right one. This blog post helps you find the right Osram LED tube.

Osram has LED alternatives for T8 (TL-D) tubes and T5 (TL5) tubes. Both can be recognised by their diameter and socket. T8 tubes have a diameter of 28mm and a G13 socket, with pins which are 13mm apart. TL5 lamps have a diameter of 16mm and a G5 socket, of which the pins are 5mm apart.

Which driver technology do I need?

EM Conventional Ballast

This (ElectroMagnetic) driver technology is used in older fixtures with a conventional ballast and a starter. You can recognise an EM ballast by its zooming noise and the flickering when the fixture is turned on. EM-tubes have a picture of a tube with a starter for recognition. When the tube is replaced by an LED one, the LED starter should be placed instead of the old one.

HF Electronic Ballast

This (High Frequent) driver technology is suitable for fixtures with a modern HF ballast, without a starter. These HF-tubes can be recognised since they have no starter included in the image.. The fixture does not need to be changed when replacing the old tube by the LED tube. Please note: T5 tubes always have the HF driver technology.

UN (Universal) Ballast - for all Ballasts

Osram Universal tubes are suitable for all fixtures, due to their modern multifunctional driver technology. UN tubes can be applied on HF and EM ballasts or can the installed directly on the mains. This technology is often chosen when multiple ballast types are used.

Which series SubstiTUBE suits my application?


  • Available in T8
  • HF & EM variant
  • Polycarbonate cover
  • 30.000 hours lifetime
  • Entry level lighting
  • Lowest light output and low efficiency
  • Private home, hobby & garage


  • Available in T8 & T5
  • HF & EM variant
  • Polycarbonate cover
  • 50.000 hours lifetime
  • Highest energy efficiency
  • Light output equal to fluorescent tube
  • Offices & retail

Advanced Ultra Output (UO)

  • Available in T8 & T5
  • HF, EM & UN variant
  • Polycarbonate cover
  • 50.000 hours lifetime
  • Highest light output
  • For high application areas >4 meters
  • Industry & Warehouses

Do you need help with changing to LED?

Our team of LED specialists is at your service. Please contact us if you have any questions or wish to receive personal advice or a quotation.