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LED lights for retail: Fashion stores

store LED

„Good lighting and natural colors.”

For fashion stores, the use of LED lighting plays an important role toward sales. Bulbs and fixtures do not only ensure optimum brightness, but also serve as an important marketing tool. The aim is to put goods in a targeted manner and let them shine in the best natural way. With the optimal lighting you do not only create a pleasant ambience, but also set the mood of the customers. Good shop lighting is characterized by an effective combination of bright general lighting and accent lighting.

Which LED lights are for use in retail?

store window

Store window

A brightly lit store window, attracts the attention of passing pedestrians.

The shop window is used to present the store. Often the first impression decides, about the visit of the customers.

A glare-free basic lighting for a shop window is recommended. The staged products or mannequins can be illuminated by movable LED spotlights and track spotlights.


Product presentation

80% of the environment is perceived through the eyes. Therefore, an important point is the presentation of the sold goods or specific areas.

Accent lighting emphasizes specific areas or objects in the store. The goods should always be illuminated so that they attract attention and natural colors are not distorted. For this reason LED spotlights with a high color rendering are particularly well suited.

general store lighting

General lighting

When customers enter a store, the first thing is to orientate themselves and then get an overview of the size and the product offer.

While it was common in the past to illuminate the entire area equally bright, the trend today is moving to high-contrast lighting. Here, dimmable LED spotlights and ceiling lights are very beneficial. A healthy balance between light and shadow creates an optimal validity and conveys high quality.

Best led lights for retail?