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Everything you want to know about LED

bulbs and books

There are so many things to know and say about LED, did you thought about…

LED lighting for home

home lighting

With an effective lighting of outdoor and indoor areas a house can look more inviting and comfortable.

Which LED light is the best for my home?

philips bulbs

There are so many different LED lights, but what are the differences and which one is the best for my house?


Dimmable LED lights

Are LED lights dimmable, and if the answer is yes, which ones are they?

Health and LED

philips bulbs

In the last several years there are more and more questions about the influence of LED lighting on your health. But what does LED actually do to you and is LED lighting really bad for your health?

The difference between LED tubes

philips bulbs

Osram and Philips are the main brands when it comes to high class LED tubes. But there are so many, and how can you choose the right one?