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The European standard NEN 12464-1 in a few key points

European standard for the lighting of indoor workplaces


The European standard EN 12464-1 highlights the minimum illuminance requirements of an actual working area rather than the entire room. The rating takes into account the Unified Glare Rating (UGR), lux values and colour rendering (Ra). These requirements depend on the workplace where the work takes place. For example, at workplaces, a minimum colour display (CRI)> 80 always applies.

What determines the norm?

The lighting requirements are set in different areas where work is carried out. In addition to the office there are also general areas or parking garages in / around the company.

To give you an idea of the norm within certain workspaces, an overview of the Lux and UGR values given per application area is given below:

• Read more about the UGR value •

• Read more about the Colour Rendering Index •

Area Lux UGR
Office 500 19
Technical drawing 750 16
Footpaths 100 28
Average industrial work 300 25
Refined industrial work 500 22
Stairs, escalators and treadmills 150 25
Wardrobe 200 25
Classrooms 500 19

Apart from this statutory provision, it also works for employees when the lighting is in line with the work. It has been scientifically proven that one can deliver better performance with good lighting. This gives a better orientation ability, less fatigue of the eyes and of course, a better view.

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