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LED lights for hospitality

hotel restaurant

“Make your guests feel right at home.”

There is no second chance for the first impression - The hospitality sector is all about, if the guests feel comfortable and have a positive experience. A good lighting which creates a unique ambience and invites customers to come and relax is crucial. Good light for hotels and restaurants creates a pleasant atmosphere and increases the visitor numbers.

Which LED lights are for use in hospitality?

hotel foyer

Entrance and Foyer

Although the entrance area is primarily a functional space. Nevertheless, it should be lighted livable and appealing. Here, arriving guests should feel right comfortable from the first minute. The entrance area usually consists of several areas: From the entrance itself, to the reception and often additional seating areas.

A good lighting solution can help to define the different zones from each other to allow a clear and easy orientation in the area. Through accent lighting with LED downlights and LED spotlights, the architecture of the building and artworks can be expressed.

hotel room

Rooms and suits

After a long and exhausting day, guests wish for rest and relaxation. Since the hotel room also serves as a working, sleeping and living space, an optimal lighting concept is necessary.

For a bright basic lighting are particularly large LED wall or ceiling fixtures with a high light output recommended. Bulbs with warm white light color create a friendly and cozy atmosphere. In addition, the wall color and the furniture of the room should be always included in the lighting concept.

hotel restaurant

Bars and restaurants

Depending on color, shape and size, fixtures can harmonize or contrast with the rest of the interior design. Especially the brightness should always be well adjusted - Visitors should be able to see their food and drinks well, while not being dazzled from the light source. For this purpose, dimmable LED bulbs and LED fixtures that optimally adapt to the lighting conditions are of great advantage.

Subdued light to relax - Bright light for a stimulating conversation atmosphere.

hotel corridor

Staircase and corridor

In most hotels, some areas are only used when needed. For such applications, motion detectors or the use of LED fixtures with integrated sensors is an advantage. In the presence of people, the light is raised to maximum power and in the absence, it can be dimmed down. Thus, the safety needs of the guests can be taken into consideration and still the energy consumption can be optimally reduced. Also the use of emergency lighting should not be disregarded.

Where to buy LED lights?

We at Any-Lamp sell only A quality LED lighting. As a result, we can offer you a warranty period of 3 - 5 years. Due to the unnecessary maintenance and replacement costs, a short payback period is also guaranteed.

Best LED lighting for hospitality?