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Switch to LED | Beam angle

Before buying light bulbs, it's important to consider the beam angle they emit in order to ensure they'll provide the best lighting solution for your situation. This video provides information that will help you choose light bulbs with the right beam angle.

2. Switch to LED | Colour temperature

The colour temperature of a light bulb can influence the environment around you more than you might realise. This video clearly explains what colour temperature is, what certain colour temperatures do and gives some examples of where to use light bulbs with specific colour temperatures.

3.Switch to LED – Colour Rendering Index

The correct color rendering of a lamp is very important. The color rendering of a lamp is determined by the CRI, which stands for Color Rendering Index. The CRI describes how the colors of an object are perceived by the human eye


Switch to LED | Lumen to Watt

These days, light bulb output tends to be measured in lumens rather than watts. This video explains the difference between lumens and watts so that you can choose the light bulbs you need with confidence.