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How do I install a LED panel?

Installing an LED Panel can seem like a daunting task. Placing an LED panel and installing the driver is a piece of cake with this handy installation video.

How to replace your T5 fluorescent tube with a LED tube

Replacing your old fluorescent lighting with modern LED lighting can result in enormous cost savings on your energy bill. This video shows you how to do this yourself in an easy way.

Replace your T8 fluorescent tubes with starter for a LED tubes ( EM conventional ballast )

Discover all the features of the Noxion Poseidon: the energy-efficient LED luminaire with a long lifespan, high light distribution and an IP value of IP66, which makes it completely waterproof and dustproof!


How to replace T8 fluorescent tubes for LED tubes in fixtures with electronic ballast

Watch in this video how easy it is to replace fluorescent tubes with LED tubes in a fixture with an electronic ballast.

How to install a LED downlight?

Watch how easy it is to replace your old CFL ( PL en Dulux ) fixture by a LED Downlighter. You can easily replace a conventional downlight ( PL / Dulux 2x18W or 2x26W and save up to 61% on your energy costs.

How to replace your old CDM tracklight by LED

Easily install a LED Tracklight on your 3 phase railsystem without any adapations. Not only will you save up on energy and maintenance costs but also give you products a more appealing look and increase your sales!