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Any-Lamp video's

Light, camera, action! Watch the products of Any-lamp in cinema quality! Need help installing a lamp or fixture? Any-lamp installation videos support you in every job. We are there for the installer or DIY fanatic who wants to learn more about LED lighting! You can easily skip to our advice videos in which interesting facts about color temperature, degree beams and degree of glare are explained in detail!

Noxion LED Lights

Noxion offers a wide variety of cost-efficient LED alternatives in many different shapes and sizes!

Noxion LED Panel Louvre Excell G2

The deepened design in combination with the reflectors and cross blades create a friendly and natural light and ensures visual comfort with an excellent luminous flux.

Noxion LED Floodlights

The various options we offer gives you the possibility to choose the one best suited to your application.


Noxion LED integrated spots

A wide choice of Noxion dimmable LED spots in a stylish and modern design in white or aluminium.

Noxion Avant LED tube T5

An excellent replacement for conventional T5 tubes with over 50% in energy saving!

Noxion Avant LED tube T8

Developed with the latest technology, the energy saving T8 has a high light output that it distributes effectively.


Noxion LED Trackspot Stella

With this LED alternative you get the best of both worlds: you cut your energy costs in half and it offers a very natural colour rendering.

Noxion LED Poseidon V2.0

Discover all the characteristics of the Noxion Poseidon V2.0: the energy saving LED fixture with a long lifetime, wide beam angle and a high Lumen to Watt efficiency of 140!

Noxion LED Downlight Opto

The Noxion Downlight Opto replaces CFL and PLC downlight fixtures which gives you at least 60% in energy savings!


Noxion LED Dimmer

The Noxion LED Dimmer switch is perfect for new installations as well as existing ones. It's compatible with all phase-cut dimmable light sources. The dimmer switch works with wattages from 0 to 150 with LED bulbs. When used with halogen or incandescent bulbs, the maximum wattage is 300.

Noxion LED Bulkhead Pro

The modern LED technology allows energy savings up to 70% compared to classic lighting fixtures. The energy efficiency of Noxion LED items guarantees a lifespan of up to 35.000 hours. This means that you will not need to replace your ceiling light before 10 years.

Noxion LED Poseidon Pro

Discover all the features of the Noxion Poseidon: the energy-efficient LED luminaire with a long lifespan, high light distribution and an IP value of IP66, which makes it completely waterproof and dust proof!


Noxion LED Panel Ecowhite V2.0

The Ecowhite LED panels from Noxion are the new addition to the growing family of energy-efficient Noxion LED panels. With a consumption of 36W, you can save up to 50% on your energy consumption with these LED luminaires!

Noxion LED Panel Delta Pro

The Noxion Delta Pro complies with European legislation regarding lighting in the workplace. With a low glare, powerful driver and high light output, this LED panel is the perfect solution for the office!

Noxion LED Downlight Forza

The Noxion LED Downlight Forza is a versatile downlight with optimal color rendering and all the advantages of LED technology! In this video we compare the Warm white and Cool white version of the Forza!


How do I install a LED panel?

Installing an LED Panel can seem like a daunting task. Placing an LED panel and installing the driver is a piece of cake with this handy installation video.

How to replace your T5 fluorescent tube with a LED tube

Replacing your old fluorescent lighting with modern LED lighting can result in enormous cost savings on your energy bill. This video shows you how to do this yourself in an easy way.

Replace your T8 fluorescent tubes with starter for a LED tubes ( EM conventional ballast )

Discover all the features of the Noxion Poseidon: the energy-efficient LED luminaire with a long lifespan, high light distribution and an IP value of IP66, which makes it completely waterproof and dustproof!


How to replace T8 fluorescent tubes for LED tubes in fixtures with electronic ballast

Watch in this video how easy it is to replace fluorescent tubes with LED tubes in a fixture with an electronic ballast.

How to install a LED downlight?

Watch how easy it is to replace your old CFL ( PL en Dulux ) fixture by a LED Downlighter. You can easily replace a conventional downlight ( PL / Dulux 2x18W or 2x26W and save up to 61% on your energy costs.

How to replace your old CDM tracklight by LED

Easily install a LED Tracklight on your 3 phase railsystem without any adapations. Not only will you save up on energy and maintenance costs but also give you products a more appealing look and increase your sales!


Switch to LED | Beam angle

Before buying light bulbs, it's important to consider the beam angle they emit in order to ensure they'll provide the best lighting solution for your situation. This video provides information that will help you choose light bulbs with the right beam angle.

2. Switch to LED | Colour temperature

The colour temperature of a light bulb can influence the environment around you more than you might realise. This video clearly explains what colour temperature is, what certain colour temperatures do and gives some examples of where to use light bulbs with specific colour temperatures.

3.Switch to LED – Colour Rendering Index

The correct color rendering of a lamp is very important. The color rendering of a lamp is determined by the CRI, which stands for Color Rendering Index. The CRI describes how the colors of an object are perceived by the human eye


Switch to LED | Lumen to Watt

These days, light bulb output tends to be measured in lumens rather than watts. This video explains the difference between lumens and watts so that you can choose the light bulbs you need with confidence.

Switch to LED | How do I choose the right GU LED spotlight bulb?

Learn it in this video, where we guide you through the variations for the socket, which gives you the choice between a GU4, GU5.3 or GU10 base, the different colour temperatures, the colour rendering index, the beam angle and if the LED bulb is dimmable or not.