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Philips LED PL

Is your PL energy-saving bulb (CFL) due for replacement? Philips LED PL CFL bulbs are the direct replacers for conventional Philips PL CFL bulbs of 18W, 26W, and 36W. Philips PL LED bulbs are very energy-efficient. When burning for 8 hours a day, these LED bulbs have a lifespan of 10 years. That is up to 30.000 hours of light! A popular model for downlights is the Philips LED PL-C bulb. Philips LED PL bulbs are available with a 2-pins or 4-pins socket. 2-pin Philips PL LED bulbs work in combination with a conventional ballast, while 4-pin Philips PL LED bulbs use an electronic ballast. Always make sure you use the right ballast, color temperature, and the number of Watts or Lumens when replacing your old PL bulbs.

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