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Philips Halogen Bulbs

Any-Lamp offers a wide variety of Philips Halogen Bulbs. Philips Halogen Bulbs contain a small amount of halogen gas, and have been a popular light source throughout recent years due to their improved lifetime and their excellent colour rendering compared to traditional tungsten light bulbs. However, halogen bulbs no longer meet the current energy standards and are therefore being phased out. Although the phasing out process has already started you are still able to buy bulbs that have already been put on the market. If we wish to be a step ahead and replace your halogen bulbs today, Philips Halogen Bulbs can easily be replaced by Philips LED Bulbs. Switching to LED lighting has many advantages, you can save up to 70 on your energy costs, the do not emit any heat, and they last up to 5 times longer than Halogen Bulbs.  

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