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Description Philips HF-REGULATOR TL5

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Philips HF-REGULATOR TL5 Specifications

The Philips HF-REGULATOR TL5 are high-frequency electromagnetic ballasts which are provided for the dimming of TL5 fluorescent tubes (HE, HO, and Eco). The light output is adjustable from 1% to 100% to create different atmospheres according to your personal needs.

The quality of light is excellent, stable and flicker free. These ballasts are also very safe because they are equipped with a system for triggering a stop circuit in 5 seconds if the lamp fails.

Using Philips HF-REGULATOR TL5 Ballasts

The HF-REGULATOR TL5 ballasts are well suited for emergency lighting systems, as well as all interior applications (shops, offices, hotels, restaurants).

A HF-REGULATOR TL5 ballast allows you to run:
; 1 fluorescent tube: 14-23W , 24W , 39W , 49W , 54W or 80W
; 2 fluorescent tubes: 14-23W , 24W , 39W , 49W , 54W or 80W
; 3 fluorescent tubes: 14W or 24W
; 4 fluorescent tubes: 14W or 24W

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