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Philips Lighting was founded in 1891 in Eindhoven, also known as the "the City of Lights" , it is based in province of North Brabant, which is located south of Netherlands. Philips Lighting is a world leader in the lighting market with its recognized expertise in the development, manufacture and application of innovative solutions. Since 125 years, Philips Lighting is at the cutting edge of the innovation. The slogan "Innovation and You" is well represented in their products from traditional incandescent bulbs to modern LED bulbs and LED fixtures. Thanks to Philips innovations in the fields of connected lighting for homes, shops, offices, cities and more, lighting goes beyond the useful lighting, as demonstrated by the Hue Focus on LED lighting via WiFi enjoyed for its ease of use.

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Office Lighting

The right lighting in a working environment is crucial. An activating light colour increases the concentration and productivity of employees.

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Outdoor Lighting

Apart from safety and security reasons, lighting your garden or house can improve the aesthetics of not only your property, but your neighbourhood.

Retail Lighting

Retail shops require a special type of lighting solution. You want your customer to feel comfortable and relaxed. Therefore it is very important to use the right fixtures for your shop.


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