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Philips CoreLine BWC110 LED 650lm 830 Black Sensor
Philips CoreLine BWC110 LED 650lm 830 Black Sensor
£128.86 £106.61 excl. Tax incl. Tax

Philips CoreLine BWC110 LED 650lm 830 Black Sensor

£128.86 £106.61 excl. Tax incl. Tax
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Specifications Philips CoreLine BWC110 LED 650lm 830 Black Sensor

Description Philips CoreLine BWC110 LED 650lm 830 Black Sensor

This Philips wall fixture has several important characteristics:

  • Energy efficient fixture
  • Long lifetime included with warranty
  • Broad application area
  • Even light diffusion
  • Suitable for outdoor usage
  • Recommended application height
  • Black casing
  • With twilight switch

Energy efficient wall fixture

Compared to conventional lighting, you can save a lot of energy by switching to LED integrated fixtures. Even up to 50%! This isn’t just profitable for our nature, but also for your wallet.

Long lifetime included with warranty

This fixture has a lifetime up to 50.000 hours, you will enjoy this product for a long time! First 3 year after purchase, you can make use of our free All-in warranty.

Broad application area

This fixture is available with a color temperature of 3000 Kelvin, which is a warm white light. This color is used in many locations, like in halls, stairs or as outdoor lighting at your garage or front door.

Even light diffusion

The reflective white plate and diffuse bowl provide for excellent light diffusion, lighting up areas with lower lighting levels.

Suitable for outdoor usage

The IP and IK rating of a light source indicate how water- and vandalism proof it is. This fixture has an IP value of 54, which means it is protected against dust and watersplashes. This means you can use the fixture outdoors. The IK rating indicates how firm a fixture is. The IK rating has a range from 1 to 10. This fixture has a 08 rating, so it can stand quite some shocks.

Recommended application height

For this fixture, the recommended application height is 2 to 4 meters. The lumen output is high enough to still light up until the ground at this height. Do you want to place this fixture above 4 meters? Take a look at the Philips CoreLine BWC120, a bigger version with a larger lumen output.

With sensor

This fixture comes with a Twilight Switch, which causes light to switch on automatically as soon as light values get too low, so when it is getting dark outside. This way, you are always provided with enough light, but you never waste energy on light that you don’t need.


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