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Philips Brilliantline Dichroic GU5.3

Description Philips Brilliantline Dichroic GU5.3

Philips Brilliantline Dichroic GU5.3

As one of the leading manufacturers in the halogen lamp range, Philips relies on continuous innovation and the development of new technologies. The Philips Brilliantline Dichroic GU5.3 is a Halogen lamp. The Philips Brilliantline Dichroic GU5.3 is a reliable and cost-effective Halogen lighting source which is designed for fixed or dynamic lighting applications. The Philips Brilliantline Dichroic GU5.3 is purposely designed to compliment its energy efficient technology compared to incandescent bulbs, crisp light output and extended average lifetime. This lamp has an excellent colour rendering of and an GU5.3 socket, allowing easy replacement. This is especially important because these lamps are mainly used in both public and private application areas, where they can easily be changed. Thanks to the Halogen technology implemented within the Philips Brilliantline Dichroic GU5.3, the Philips Halogen products are able to work for longer periods of time while maintaining the same light output throughout its lifetime. The Philips Brilliantline Dichroic GU5.3 have a GU5.3 base type, which allows them to fit perfectly in your old fixtures. With a long average lifetime of hours, Philips Brilliantline Dichroic GU5.3 bulbs are economical and do not require frequent replacement, ensuring savings on maintenance costs.

If they are installed into enclosed fixtures, they can also be used for street and industrial lighting. The bulb's colour code,, represents not only the colour rendering, but also the colour temperature, which is Kelvin and creates the atmosphere you're looking for. The Philips Brilliantline Dichroic GU5.3 also has an average lifetime of causing lower maintenance costs

All of the features together, makes the Philips Brilliantline Dichroic GU5.3 a great alternative to the old incandescent bulbs. If you want to know more about this product check the following specifications:


  • Colour temperature: Kelvin
  • Colour rendering: Ra
  • Socket: GU5.3
  • Lifetime: hours
  • Beam angle (degrees):
  • Dimmable: Yes
  • Wattage: W
  • Voltage: 12 V


  • Shop interiors, shop windows
  • Shopping arcades
  • Foyers, reception areas
  • Museums, exhibitions
  • Accent lighting
  • Decorative lighting
  • Approved only for use in enclosed luminaires
  • Outdoor applications only in suitable luminaires

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