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Osram Lumiliux T5 FH HE

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Description Osram Lumiliux T5 FH HE

Osram Lumilux T5 HE

The Osram Lumilux T5 HE combines high efficiency and a compact size. These tubes are up to 20% more efficient than the Lumilux T8; and 50% smaller than other comparable T8 tubes.

Osram Lumilux T5 HE Features

The Osram Lumulix T5 HE has a G5 socket fitting and diameter of 16mm. These tubes require the use of a starter and an electronic ballast.

  • Good colour rendering index: 80-89Ra, meaning colours appear as they should in the light
  • Long lifetime: 24,000 hours.
  • High luminous efficacy (104W/Lm)
  • Energy efficient: A+ rating
  • Dimmable: All T5 HE are dimmable

Application: These fluorescent tubes are intended for use in places such as offices, shops, supermarkets and public buildings.

How to choose the right Osram Lumilux T5 HE?

The wattage of the Osram Lumilux T5 HE directly relates to its length therefore you cannot change the wattage; otherwise your tube will not fit your current fixtures. These tubes also require the use of a ballast which will not work if the wattage is changed.

  • Wattage: 14W (55cm), 21W (85cm), 28W (115cm), 35W (145cm)
  • Colour temperatures: 2700K (very warm white), 3000K (warm white), 4000K (cool white), 6500K (daylight), 8000K (sky blue).

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