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Osram FQ HO 49W 865 G5 Lumilux - 145cm

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Specifications Osram FQ HO 49W 865 G5 Lumilux - 145cm

Description Osram FQ HO 49W 865 G5 Lumilux - 145cm

Osram FQ HO 49W 865 G5 Lumilux - 145cm

The Osram FQ HO 49W 865 G5 Lumilux - 145cm Fluorescent by Osram are among the most widely used artificial light sources in the world! due to the Fluorescent used within the tube and the versatility it creates, it enables the lighting source to be used in a multitude of application areas. The Osram FQ HO 49W 865 G5 Lumilux - 145cm T5 is purposely designed to be slim, so it can be easily applied for different applications to create a stylish home atmosphere. The Osram FQ HO 49W 865 G5 Lumilux - 145cm technology gives superior light quality that enhances any decor.

The Osram FQ HO 49W 865 G5 Lumilux - 145cm Fluorescent produces a light output of 4100 lumens!, Osram FQ HO 49W 865 G5 Lumilux - 145cm is able work for longer periods of time while maintaining the same light output throughout its lifetime, 24000 hours concerning this specific tube, making them ideal for use both in the professional sector and for private use. 

There is a wide range of possible application areas for fluorescent tubes. From stores, offices, restaurants, hotels to stadiums and sports halls, warehouses, hospitals, roads and tunnel illumination as well as numerous applications for private use. These are the following additional characteristics:

The Osram FQ HO 49W 865 G5 Lumilux - 145cm  Fluorescent tube. This has a length of 1450, and a wattage of  49 W.

When replacing the Osram FQ HO 49W 865 G5 Lumilux - 145cmmake sure you select the corresponding length / wattage as you have now. These are in fact related to each other. A lamp with a different length or wattage will unfortunately not work.

Please make sure the specifications of the product match your current specifications or the specifications need for your specialized usage.

Specifications for Osram FQ HO 49W 865 G5 Lumilux - 145cm:

The Osram FQ HO 49W 865 G5 Lumilux - 145cm are Fluorescent tubes with a Diameter of 16 , most commonly used in installations for multiple purposes. These tubes with a length of 1450 mm, Osram FQ HO 49W 865 G5 Lumilux - 145cm by Osram have a G5 socket type.

With a colour  temperature of 6500K - Daylight and have an average lifespan 24000 hours. These lamps will thus enable you to make  savings on maintenance costs.


  • Average Lifetime: 24000 hours
  • Power output (watts): 49
  • Voltage (Volt): 
  • Socket Type:G5
  • Colour Code: 865 - Daylight
  • Colour temperature: Kelvin
  • Light Output: (Lumen) 4100
  • Light Colour: 6500K - Daylight
  • Dimmable: Yes, with dimmable ballast only
  • Beam Angle:


How to choose the right tube?

T5 tubes are available in a range of lengths and wattages therefore it is important to know exactly what you are looking for. The length also directly correlates with the wattage so you must keep this the same; otherwise it will not fit into your socket or fixture.

At Any- Lamp we sell a range of lengths from 29cm - 150cm. Please note that the lengths vary depending on the type of tube and brands.  

As these tubes also require the use of a ballast; if you change the wattage then this will also not work.          

The colour temperature should also be considered when choosing your T5 tube. If you are happy with your previous colour temperature then we advise you to buy the same replacement.

The T5 tubes are available in 2700K, 300K, 4000K and 6500K. For a warmer white light you should choose 2700K or 3000K. For a colder white light choose 4000K or 6500K


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