Efficient, Reliable & Robust

Noxion was founded in the year 2000 in Eindhoven, the City of Light in the Netherlands. We started as wholesaler but quickly became a specialised manufacturer of LED fixtures. Due to its exponential growth in recent years, Noxion can be recognised as a serious and reliable brand in the European lighting market. Noxion positions itself as a manufacturer of reliable and robust fixtures and LED integrated fixtures at affordable prices. Noxion guarantees a short investment time, due to their highly efficient LED technology within in their light sources, which in turn dramatically reduces your energy and maintenance costs. Noxion is committed to green business processes, so that social responsibility is ensured at all times. By offering energy efficient lighting, Noxion makes a positive contribution to CO2 reduction in Europe.

Office Lighting

The right lighting in a working environment is crucial. Activating the perfect light colour rendering will substantially increase the concentration and productivity of employees.

Philips buitenverlichting

Outdoor Lighting

Apart from safety and security reasons, lighting your garden or house can improve the aesthetics of not only your property, but your neighbourhood.

Industry Lighting

Lighting in an industrial area are of vital importance for the productivity of all employers and their safety. Many accidents occur because of poor quality lighting.


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