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Ledvance LED STRIP PERFORMANCE 2000 24v - 827 | 5m

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Specifications Ledvance LED STRIP PERFORMANCE 2000 24v - 827 | 5m

Description Ledvance LED STRIP PERFORMANCE 2000 24v - 827 | 5m

Ledvance LED STRIP PERFORMANCE 2000 24v - 827 | 5m

Ledvance LED STRIP PERFORMANCE 2000 24v - 827 | 5m by Ledvance uses LED technology which is a new and innovative form of lighting, that uses electrified semiconductors instead of filaments. As a result of this, LED lights strips are incredibly flexible and can be shaped to perfectly fit any surface or seems that everything from headlights to TVs to even clothing and wallpaper are now being lit up by the versatile lighting technology. Unlike incandescents,LED lights are incredibly compact, don’t emit heat and uses just a fraction of the energy. The Ledvance LED STRIP PERFORMANCE 2000 24v - 827 | 5m 5000mm W with a are highly efficient, durable and versatile. The low voltage strips provide an excellent light colour and definition to create your ideal atmosphere. This colour is great for creating a well lit, bright environment.

Each strip is W and 5000M long which provides the ideal amount of light. They are also flexible and can be cut at every 10cm; allowing you to create the perfect length for your room.

These lights are designed for accent lighting and are often used in places such as homes, shops and hotels where a stylish yet relaxing atmosphere is desired.

Please note, all Ledvance LED STRIP PERFORMANCE 2000 24v - 827 | 5m require the use of an LED driver - dimmable drivers can also be used.


LED strips are ideal for decorative purposes or ambiance lighting. They provide a white or colourful light and some can be bent to fit securely to any shaped surface. The length of the strips varies depending on the brand so please consider this when purchasing your strips.

These strips can be cut every 10cm however the excess pieces cannot be re-used. It is also advisable to attach them to aluminum surface as this will improve heat conduction and lifetime of the strip.

Please note: The LED strips are not waterproof so should not be used in bathrooms.


  • Average Lifetime: hours
  • Power output (watts): 
  • Voltage (Volt): 
  • Socket Type:
  • Colour Code: 827 - Extra Warm White
  • Colour temperature: Kelvin
  • Light Output: (Lumen)
  • Light Colour:
  • Dimmable:
  • Beam Angle:
  • Eco friendly: No use of chemicals or gases

For a full installation LED strips are requiring:

Each individual strip has one end which attaches to the LED driver and power supply, whilst the other end has no attachment.

The LED strips only emit a small amount of heat therefore you can attach them to most surfaces. However, we advise you to attach them to a metal surface such as aluminum as this improves the heat conduction and lifetime of your strip.


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