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LED Spotlights

LED spotlights are commonly built into or attached to ceilings or walls. Depending on things like the beam angle, the CRI (colour rendering index) and the colour temperature, they can be used for general or accent lighting. We've got LED spotlights with integrated LEDs and ones that use a separate LED spotlight bulb. LED spotlights are extremely energy-efficient, which means lower energy bills, and they boast an incredibly long lifespan too. Our range of LED spotlights includes dimmable ones as well.
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How many recessed spotlights per square metre?

For the quantity of LED recessed spotlights to be installed, you must always be guided by the respective lumen value of the products. Furthermore, not all rooms require the same lumen values. In the kitchen, for example, we recommend 300 to 400 lumens per square metre (lux). If your desired LED recessed spotlight has 400 lumens, you should use one spotlight per square metre accordingly.


Which recessed spotlight for which room?

Recessed LED luminaires can be used particularly flexibly. A single product is ideal for accent lighting, while several spotlights can illuminate an entire room. Recessed spotlights can be installed in almost any room of your home:


  • Kitchen: with cool white colour temperature
  • Living room and bedroom: dimmable, with extra-warm to warm colour temperature
  • Bathroom: with IP44 protection class


However, recessed LED spotlights can be used not only in private households - these versatile products are also popular for catering lighting or shop lighting.


  • as accent lighting, the spotlights draw customers' attention specifically to selected products
  • using the right lighting increases your sales and, at the same time, you can save energy with recessed LED spotlights
  • thanks to the flexible use of spotlights, which can often be swivelled or dimmed, you can equip your entire shop area with just one product series, so the days of lamp chaos are a thing of the past
  • Due to the high product quality, we recommend Noxion's LED recessed spotlights to both private individuals and companies.


Which shapes & colours for recessed spotlights?

In our range, you will find a large selection of LED recessed spotlights with different base colours. You can choose between white, black, silver, aluminium or charcoal-coloured bases. You also have a free choice in terms of shape. For example, there are swivelling LED recessed spotlights as well as those with a round or angular surround.


Which recessed spotlights for outdoors?

If you want to illuminate your outdoor area with LED recessed luminaires, you should definitely pay attention to the protection class. We recommend products with IP65. This protection level signals to you that the product is dust-tight and protected against contact as well as against water jets from any angle. Frost and water penetration can therefore not harm the LED recessed spotlight. You will find suitable luminaires for outdoor use in our category LED outdoor luminaires.


Are there dimmable recessed spotlights & recessed spots?

Yes, some LED recessed lights are also dimmable. This means that you can adjust the light intensity individually. If you install recessed spotlights in the living room, for example, you can dim the brightness for watching TV and increase it for reading.


Finding the right recessed spotlight

You can buy LED recessed spotlights both with and without integrated light sources. If you opt for the second variant, you will only receive the socket. In this case, you need to buy a lamp separately. It is important to pay attention to the base. LED recessed luminaires usually have a GU10 base. The light source must also have such a base so that it fits into the luminaire without any problems. In addition to the suitable base, the beam angle of the LED recessed spotlight also plays an important role. This depends on its intended use, so you should consider where you want to mount your new spotlight before you buy it. As a rule of thumb, if you want to illuminate a specific object such as a sculpture or a picture, you need a small beam angle. However, if you want to illuminate an entire room with recessed LED spotlights, you should go for products with a large beam angle.


Why LED recessed spotlights instead of halogen? 

Are you still using conventional halogen spotlights? Then it is high time to replace them with modern LED recessed spotlights! After all, there are many good reasons for switching to LED: 


  • You benefit from energy and thus cost savings of up to 80 %. This not only reduces your electricity costs, but also your CO² consumption. 
  • LED recessed spotlights are recyclable because they do not contain any toxic substances. Halogen spotlights, on the other hand, have no longer been produced in Europe since 2018 because their energy balance is very poor. 
  • The service life of LED recessed spotlights is up to three times longer than that of halogen spotlights. 
  • LED recessed spotlights come in many different colour temperatures - from a cosy extra warm white (2,700 K) to a neutral cool white (4,000 K). 
  • They do not need a transformer.  
  • Recessed LED spotlights are flicker-free over their entire service life and thus particularly low in replacement and maintenance.


Due to the numerous advantages of LED recessed spotlights, the purchase price pays for itself in a very short time - so switch to the efficient LED alternative now.


Installing recessed LED luminaires correctly

You can install recessed LED luminaires in no time at all - you do not need any previous experience. The important thing is that you have a suspended ceiling in which the cables can disappear. Simply follow our step-by-step instructions for installation:


  1. Drill holes for the recessed lights in the ceiling. (This step is not necessary if you replace your conventional halogen spotlight with an LED alternative). 
  2. Before replacing: Switch off the power! For added safety, you can unscrew the fuse.
  3. Place the LED lamp in the holder and fold the tension springs upwards. 
  4. Slide the recessed luminaire into the matching hole in the ceiling. 
  5. Switch on the power supply and immediately save energy and money.

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