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G4 LED Bulbs

G4 bulbs are compact capsule-shaped lamps whose pins are 4mm apart. These bulbs work on 12V so can’t be connected directly to the mains. Therefore you will need a transformer. Replacing your old halogen bulbs with LED G4 lighting is easy with the bi-pin socket. Due to its compact dimensions, the G4 bulbs easily fit into the smallest luminaires. By switching to LED, you save on energy costs, but retain the desired light quality. In addition, you do not have to replace the lamps for years, as they last up to 20 times longer. Always take a look at the size of the LED bulb, since it may differ slightly from the halogen variant.
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What are G4 LED bulbs used for?

G4 LEDs can be used flexibly because the light sources have a particularly compact design and are available in different color temperatures:

Color temperatures of G4 LED bulbs
Color temperatures of G4 LED bulbs (iStock/petrroudny)

Extra warm white (2,700 Kelvin): LEDs with an extra warm white light color have a high proportion of red, which has a particularly pleasant effect on the lighting mood. Extra warm white G4 LED bulbs fit particularly well in living areas such as the bedroom but also in hotel rooms, bars and restaurants. 


Warm white (3,000 Kelvin): G4 LED Bulbs with a warm white light color can basically be used anywhere can be used. This color temperature is cozy and inviting. We therefore recommend them especially for the living room and hallway. But warm white G4 LEDs can also be used in trade, for example in the entrance area of hotels and restaurants or in retail.


Cold white (4,000 Kelvin): The cold white light color creates a neutral atmosphere and strengthens concentration and eyesight. This is why G4 pin-base bulbs are often used in the kitchen (for example as under-cabinet lights).


What is the difference between G4 and GU4 sockets?

Light sources with a G4 or GU4 socket have a pin spacing of 4 mm. The only difference between the two sockets is the diameter of the socket pins. This is between 0.95 mm and 1.05 mm for GU4 bulbs and between 0.65 mm and 0.75 mm for G4 bulbs.


Can G4 halogen bulbs be replaced by G4 LEDs?

There are many advantages to replacing G4 halogen bulbs with LED models. Thanks to the higher efficiency of the LEDs, you save electricity and maintenance costs, get bulbs with a longer service life and can even recycle them! But be careful: When replacing the G4 halogen bulbs with G4 LEDs, you must pay attention to the dimensions and shape of the bulb. Our filter function helps you to find the right G4 or GU4 LED lighting. If you are still unsure whether the LED will replace your conventional G4 bulb, you can of course contact our customer service at any time. 


Are G4 LED bulbs dimmable? 

Not all G4 bulbs are dimmable. However, in our online shop you will find some models that have a dimming function. With this it is possible for you to regulate the brightness of the G4 LED bulbs. You can display suitable products using the “Dimmable” filter function or visit the category Dimmable GU4 LED bulbs”.

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