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5 Simple Steps to increase your profit margin

In just 5 steps, we show you how to easily increase the profit margin on your upcoming lighting projects. Click on the below steps to read our tips!

  1.  Compare prices online!
  2.  Guidance from lighting experts
  3.  Select appropriate products.
  4.  Choose a reliable partner!
  5.  Become a PRO customer at Any-Lamp!

Do you want to become a PRO customer at Any-Lamp and take advantage of all the fantastic benefits? Then just fill out the form! We will contact you as soon as possible and create an account for you, all completely free of charge.

1. Compare prices online!

Online price comparisons are not only useful for private individuals, but also for professional customers like you. By comparing product and transportation costs online before you buy, you can find the best deals and get value for your money. Additionally, it is important that you chose a web shop that offers a large selection (in terms of lighting solutions and different brands) so that you can also compare the same products from different manufacturers within the web shop.

Mann sucht den besten PreisMann sucht den besten Preis

2. Guidance from lighting experts

The lighting sector is in constant change. The already modern LED technology is constantly being further developed and newer manufacturers appear on the market. This also leads to new product lines and lighting solutions! We recommend that even as a professional you seek the advice of a lighting expert, especially when it comes to larger projects. You can then always be sure you are using the optimal lighting for your customers.

Lichterperte gibt Rat Lichterperte gibt Rat

3. Select appropriate products

Do you need to replace your old, fluorescent tubes with LED tubes? Or is it more profitable to replace your entire fixture, with perhaps an energy efficient LED panel? Before you decide, we recommend you look at all the pros and cons.

Installateur im WarenlagerInstallateur im Warenlager

4. Choose a reliable partner!

A reliable business partner is key to your success. As an electrician or professional, you depend on smooth co-operation with your sales partner- delayed deliveries or incorrect or damaged products can be very frustrating, and the co-operation can quickly take a negative turn. However, should difficulties arise that could delay the completion of your lighting project, a reliable partner should be your side and find a solution as quickly as possible.

Zwei MännerZwei Männer

5. Become a PRO customer at Any-Lamp!

As a PRO customer, you can enjoy several different benefits:

  • Exclusive discounts on all your orders
  • Own Account Manager always on hand
  • Free lighting plans and advice
  • See quotations, orders, returns, and invoices.
  • Several different payments options
  • Easy to create sub-accounts for your other branches.
Glücklicher InstallateurGlücklicher Installateur

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