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Looking for Halogen Light Bulbs?

Are You Looking For Halogen Light Bulbs?

Find the that you need on! We offer a wide range of < for use in your homes, offices, shops and public areas.

The two most requested halogen bulbs across Europe are:

The most popular bulbs are always in stock. So, if you order today and we receive your payment before 15.00 (GMT), you will receive your delivery within 48 hours!

Benefits of a Halogen Bulb

A halogen bulb is much more efficient than an incandescent one, they are an ideal replacement. They are available in power ratings from 5W to 100W and for a voltage of 12V or 230V. They also offer the advantage of having and colour rendering index at 100Ra. This means that the colour of your objects will be shown exactly as they are!

Click here to find out more on Colour Display Index (Ra)

Each halogen bulb is equipped with a UV filter, which protects products from fading in colour. This makes halogen bulbs perfect for use in commercial areas such as clothing shops.

When it comes to colour temperature, it is easy to find the halogen bulb to suit your needs. These bulbs are available in a wide range of colours from 2000K (very warm light) to 3200K (white light)

Different Types of Halogen Bulbs

All kinds of halogen bulbs are available at

What Light Should I Use with my Halogen Bulb?

For all halogen bulbs with a GU5.3 base you can use our halogen lamp and LED lighting brand. The diameter of the projector lamp is 51mm so make sure to compare this to the diameter of your bulb. If your halogen bulb has a GU10 base, you need a ,which can be ordered separately.