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Different Types of Philips Fluorescent Bulbs:

At many Philips PL lamps and fluorescent tubes are available:

Philips PL Bulbs:

  • Philips PL-S bulbs - 2-pin or 4-pin                          
  • Philips PL-C bulbs - 2-pin or 4-pin
  • Philips PL-T bulbs - 2-pin or 4-pin

  • Philips PL-L bulbs - 4-pin
  • Philips PL-Q bulbs - 2-pin or 4-pin

  • Philips PL-R bulbs - 4-pin

Philips Fluorescent Tubes:

  • Philips TL-D tubes
  • Philips T5 tubes
  • Philips TL Mini tubes
  • Philips Other TL tubes
  • Philips TL Specialities tubes


Fluorescent Lighting Gear

Caution: The base type and size of the fluorescent bulb depends on its power. If you want to change the power, you must make sure that the bulb fits in your fixture. You will also need to change the ballast.
The Philips PL series have a separate power supply, which means they require a ballast to operate:

  • The 2-pin (2P) bulbs run on conventional ballasts (ferromagnetic) that are not available at
  • The 4pin (4P) bulbs work on an electronic ballast, which we stock.

There are also ballasts available for fluorescent tubes, there are TL-D ballasts, TL5 ballasts, and TL Mini ballasts.

With fluorescent bulbs you need starters. Starters for fluorescent bulbs are available at

Using Fluorescent Lighting

The bulbs are available in a wide range of power - 5W to 80W - and various colour temperatures - 2700K (hot light) to 6500K (very cold light).

The Colour Display Index is more than 80Ra. This means that the colours will be seen exactly as they are and the comfort of light that they provide makes them very popular for general lighting in homes, shops, hotels, theatres and restaurants.


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