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Make your predictions

Light your way to victory - predict the Euros results and win prizes!

The Euros 2024 kick off on June 14! It's time to play!

Do you think you're unbeatable when it comes to predictions? The European Football Championship 2024 is about to begin and Any-lamp has organised an exciting prediction game to mark the occasion. Participation is of course free of charge. Play against our lighting experts and other customers, collect points and, with a bit of luck, win great prizes such as a Weber BBQ or a Playstation 5! It's easy to take part: fill in the form below each round with the exact score for each game and collect points.

How to play? 

1. Predict the results of the matches by filling in the form 

2. We will update the form each tournament round until England drops out 

3. We will inform you as soon as you can predict the next matches

4. Always use the same personal data (name and email address) 

5. If England drops out before the semi finals we will pause the predictions, you will then again predict the semi finals and the final 

6. You have to accept the terms and conditions to be part of the prediction game 



What happens if England drops out?

Of course we hope that our team will win the Euros! However, if England drops out of the tournament early, we will pause our prediction game until the semi-finals. Even if England is no longer in the tournament, you can still predict the semi-finals and the final of the European Championship 2024, collect points and, with a bit of luck, win great prizes! We will keep you up to date by e-mail so that you always know exactly how our prediction game is progressing. 

Distribution of points : 

0 point : Incorrect match result and outcome.

1 point : Correct match outcome. For example, a 1-1 prediction with a 3-3 result.

3 points : Correct result/ For example, a prediction of 3-0 with a result of 3-0.

5 points : Correct result for the winner of the competition.

These prizes await the best predictors. It's in your hands!

Playstation 5 


Weber BBQ


Football Shirt