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Energy Saving Light Bulbs

Why Buy Energy Saving Light Bulbs?

The first reason is simple: because they save energy.

Philips energy saving lamps are environmentally friendly, energy-efficient alternatives to conventional lamps and light bulbs.

Energy saving light bulbs have a lower energy consumption that reduces your costs, and are more 'green', which helps you to protect the environment.

There is also an extra incentive to purchase energy saving light bulbs because it saves you money when making purchases. This is because there is 'Ecotax' automatically added to all bulbs that are not energy saving.

Being more environmentally aware has been a social concern since as early as 1973, when the first oil crisis occurred. A worldwide rise was becoming more concrete in talking about the sustainability of energy use and peoples environmental awareness. Here at we still strive to be more environmentally aware and to be more 'green'. Look at 'Green Any-Lamp' to find out how.

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What Energy Saving Light Bulbs Should You Buy?

LED light bulbs are the best for saving energy. There has been a great deal of focus placed upon LEDs in the economy and it is expected for them to dominate the market in the near future.

LED bulbs are the best for many reasons and saving energy is just one of them. LED bulbs do not use toxic substances, such as mercury. They also convert 100% of their energy in to light so that no energy is wasted generating unnecessary heat. Finally, even though the initial cost of LEDs can be more expensive than other bulbs, their extremely long lifespan means that you do not have such regular replacement costs, meaning that they are cheaper in the long run. As well as this, the savings generated by their efficiency mean that the payback time is very short - as quick as two years in some cases!

Find out more about LEDs by reading our blog here.

Are Energy Saving Light Bulbs Environmentally Friendly?

As stated previously, there is a lot of focus on being environmentally friendly as well as being energy efficient. Therefore using less energy is sometimes not enough on its own.

Of course, with using less energy comes less pollution, meaning the carbon footprint generated is massively reduced. However, it also has to be taken in to consideration all the aspects that come with the production, use, and disposal of light bulbs.

As LEDs do not require the use of toxic substances it means that there is far less impact on the environment during the production, operation, and disposal of these energy saving bulbs. 

Best Selling Energy-Saving Light Bulbs Across Europe

  • Philips PL-Electronic 20W 827 E27 230-240V (MASTER)
  • Philips PL-Electronic 8W 827 E14 230-240V (MASTER)
  • Philips Genie ESaver 11W 827 E14 220-240V
  • Philips Softone ESaver 12W WW E27 230-240V T60
  • Philips Genie ESaver 11W 827 E27 220-240V


Buy Energy Saving Light Bulbs NOW!