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Smart and wireless lighting

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The smart step to maximize energy savings and user comfort!

A smart lighting system doesn't have to be rocket science with Cosmicnode's smart and wireless lighting solution! You only require smart sensors that fit the current or new LED lighting of your building. Moreover, it's only one simple step to take, to gain a lot of comfort and safety in return. You can easily install this smart system without extra cabling, drilling or construction work.

Achieves up to 40% extra energy savings versus standard LED lighting!

Easy installation!

Prevent complicated installation tasks when setting up smart and energy-efficient lighting solutions in offices, factories, production halls, warehouses and more. ...

Easy to utilize!

The advantage of this smart and wireless lighting solution, is the easy usage. Sensors and the Cosmicnode app help the user to adapt the lighting in a few taps at any time. ...

Comfort and safety!

The right level of light reduces health risks and accidents as well as results in a comfortable working environment for all your personnel and visitors. ...

Cosmicnode's smart and wireless lighting is set up in 5 steps!

1. Connect the LED lighting to mains power (230V).

2. Place the wireless sensors accordingly.

3. Scan the lighting and sensors using the free app.

4. Create rooms, zones and/or scenes.

5. Set the right lighting behaviour in a few taps.

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Application of Cosmicnode's smart and wireless lighting

In office environments ...

The occupancy rate in shared office spaces is 60% on average, especially now that many companies have adopted some degree of working from home. The use of sensors ensures that appropriate light intensity is achieved in occupied areas. Based on the natural (light from outside) and artificial (lighting) light output, it measures how many lux the fixtures should emit. If no one is present in the room, the lighting is switched off. This monitoring results in additional energy savings of 5 to 20%, on top of the reduction achieved by LED on its own.

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In warehouses and industrial environments ...

Installation of PIR or high-frequency microwave sensors ensures that warehouses and other industrial environments are lit only when needed. This involves a 100% light output as soon as work activities take place, while dimmed light is provided in the absence of personnel. This dimmed light operates on the basis of a preset standby time. If this time is exceeded, the lighting is switched off completely. All in all, this reduces energy consumption by 30 to 40%. And you already have savings from using LED. It also has a positive impact on the fixtures' service life and maintenance cycle.

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Smart and wireless lighting is highly scalable and future-proof ...

The big advantage of Cosmicnode is the possibility to grow immensly without having to take major steps or to make big investments. If your business is growing or you want to build towards a smart building, that is all part of the possibilities. In short, this is what you can expect if you take the more advanced road.

The amount of sensors and fixtures that can be connected to the Cosmicnode app is limitless, making business extensions easy to incorporate.

Does your business have multiple locations? You can manage all lighting from one platform using IoT software from Cosmicnode (upgrade to the Cloud).

The light accommodates natural light and the time of day, and can therefore be used for day light harvesting and Human Centric Lighting.

When making use of the IoT platform you get the best insights in the efficiency of your lighting; consumption per zone as well as system failures.

The sensors that can be connected to the system are not limited to lighting. Temperature, humidity, CO2 and other sensors are also possible to add.

The IoT platform permits integration with other building management control systems (BMS); hardware and software levels.

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You want to go smart?

Here are 4 pointers to get the most out of your consultation!

1. Application

Make a small list of applications (office, corridors, storage, parking and such) for which you consider a smart lighting solution.

2. Measurements

Gather the measurements (including height) of each space or zone that you considered in the previous step.

3. Current lighting

List your current lighting technologies used per choosen space (conventional / LED battens, high bays, downlights and such).

4. Business needs

What additional 'smart' functionality would you like? Automatic switching off or dimming lights, enabling different light scenes or ... ?