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Why you should stop using tubes

We all know fluorescent tubes. They start up slowly, flicker, make noise, have a small amount of life hours and have a high energy consumption. That’s why we sell LED tubes. These tubes can fit in your own fixture, do not flicker or make noise, have a life span that can be 5 times as long as a fluorescent tube and their energy consumption is about 60% less than a fluorescent tube. Reasons enough to switch to LED tubes.

But there is an even better replacement for fluorescent tubes.

It's a LED panel

A LED panel is a square panel that you can place instead of a fixture for tubes. When buying a good panel, you will have a lot of extra profits, even in comparison to LED tubes.

  • Panels have less energy consumption than tubes, even less than LED tubes. A high quality panel uses around 28W, a fixture with the same measurements that uses tubes, uses 73W! You can replace a fixture of 4 tubes with only one panel. You can earn back your investment within a couple years this way.
  • Ballasts, used in both conventional and electric tubes, have an energy loss. This means that the ballas itself uses energy, making tubes less energy efficient Panels that come with a high quality driver, have a high power factor. This means that they have very little energy loss and save you even more energy and money.
  • The unified glare ratio (UGR) of panels is better than any tube. The unified glare ratio indicates the amount of blindness the light causes when looking into it. The lower this ratio, the better. High quality panels have a UGR below 19, the best on the market. These panels have a diamond layer which reflects the light in all direction. This gives a neutral, equally divided light.
  • Good quality panels have a longer lifespan than tubes. Most LED tubes have a lifespan of 50.000 hours, these hours can deduct when tubes are exposed to dirt or humidity. Panels last up to 70.000 hours, and are not influenced by dirt or moisture because of the closed fixture.

Our bestsellers are:

Noxion LED Panel Pro

  • Cool white colour, which boosts concentration and focus
  • Uses only 33W
  • UGR<19 makes it perfect for offices

Noxion panel LED

Noxion LED Panel ProSpace

  • IP44: extra dust and moisture proof. Suitable for dusty areas like factory halls.
  • Uses only 28W
  • 70.000 life hours, in working areas this is enough for 20 years

Noxion panel LED prospace

Noxion LED Panel Pro HighLum

  • High lumen, suitable for places with high ceilings
  • Uses only 43W with this high output, in comparison to a usage of 73W in fluorescent tubes
  • 6500 kelvin, daylight colour

Noxion panel LED high lumen

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