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Which LED lighting should I use for the bedroom?

In terms of lighting, the bedroom seems like the least important room in our home. After all the primary goal of the space is not to work in there, but to support our sleep behavior, which requires an intentional lack of light. Once we start to think about it, we will realize the different lighting needs of a bedroom.

The room is often not only used for sleeping, but also for reading, watching TV and privacy. The right lighting underlines the homely character and makes it really cozy. That is why a good light planning is essential.

Bedroom LED lighting

… A day always begins and ends in our bedroom.


Which general lighting should I use?

In order tobe able to orientate and move safely in the half-sleepy state early in the morning, a bright light, which illuminates the entire bedroom evenly is highly recommended. The type of fixture used for the general lighting depends on the size, the furnishings and your personal taste.

For a small bedroom, a ceiling fixture is mostly sufficient. For larger rooms, a rail system in combination with LED spotlights is a recommended solution. If the recessed spotlights have a moveable reflector, their light can also be aligned on shelves and cabinets so that their compartments are optimally illuminated.

You should pay attention to the quality of your lights. A warm color temperature will help to create a cozy atmosphere in your bedroom, since it is softer and easier for the eyes than a cool-toned temperature. A dimmable lamp like the Philips DimTone can be an useful option, allowing you to lower your light intensitive to a comfortable, relaxing glow after dark. With the SceneSwitch from Philips there is also the possibility to dim the light without a dimmer.

If you have the opportunity, always install a toggle switch next to your bed and another one at your door.


Which lighting for specific tasks?

Always remember the simply things you do everyday - such as applying your makeup or getting dressed. All tasks require good and specific lighting.

Whether in combination with a make-up table or solo, a mirror usually belongs to the basic equipment of every bedroom. Also here is an even light quality necessary. The Philips ExpertColor has the highest Color Rendering Index and shows colors in the best natural way. For a shadow-free reproduction of the mirror image, two shielded wall fixtures should usually mounted to the left and right side.


What is accent lighting?

In general accent lighting is purely decorative illumination. As previously mentioned, popular solutions are also track lights or spotlights to create ambiance or highlight artistic elements like artworks or architectural features of the room. Accent lighting can be achieved through simple dimming of the light sources or by adding decorative lighting, for example with LED strips.

A lighting system, which can be arranged individually - in the form of a cable or rail system with spotlights is recommended.